HELB Application for Undergraduate Direct Entry Student First Time Undergraduate Loan Applications for Financial Year 2013 – 2014

Higher Education Loans Board
Application for Undergraduate 
Direct Entry Student 
First Time Undergraduate Loan Applications 
Financial Year 2013 – 2014
The Higher Education Loans Board invites applications for the 2013-2014 financial year First Time Undergraduate Loan from Kenyans admitted in Government or Self-Sponsored programs in public or private universities in Kenya and the East Africa Community that are recognized by the Commission for University Education [CUE].
Eligible students:
(i) Government-Sponsored Students admitted through the Universities’ Joint Admission Board [JAB],
(ii) Direct Entry Undergraduate Self-Sponsored students.
How to Apply:
1. Applicants should access and fill the 2013-2014 First Time Undergraduate Loan Application Form [LAF] from the HELB website www.helb.co.ke.
2. Print TWO copies of the Loan Application Form,
3. Have the form properly filled, signed and stamped by the relevant authorities and guarantors,
4. Sign the form and attach all the necessary documents, as indicated on the checklist on the last page of the LAF,
5. Present the two copies of the LAF to one of the listed banks that you have opened an account with, for verification and insertion of your bank account details,
6. Either leave one copy of the LAF and all the attached support documents with the bank for free delivery to the Board OR drop it personally at the Board’s Office on 18th floor, Anniversary Towers,
7. Retain one copy of the duly filled LAF.
Read and understand the instructions provided on the online loan application form before you commence the loan application process. 
The deadline for the loan application process is July 31, 2013.
For further information contact:
The Board Secretary/CEO
Higher Education Loans Board