National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) Design Competition for New Logo

National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA)
Design Competition for New Logo for National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA)
The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) is a body formed through the National Transport and Safety Act, of 2012. 
The functions of the Authority are to:-
  • advise and make recommendations on matters relating to road transport and safety,
  • implement policies relating to road transport and safety,
  • plan, manage and regulate the road transport sector in accordance with the provisions of the Act, and,
  • ensure the provision of safe, reliable and efficient road transport service.
In performance of its functions, the Authority is mandated to:-
  • register and licence motor vehicles,
  • conduct motor vehicle inspection and certification,
  • regulate public service vehicles,
  • advise the Government on national policy with regard to road transport sector,
  • evelop and implement road safety strategies,
  • facilitate the education of members of the public on road safety,
  • conduct research and audits on road safety,
  • compile inspection reports relating to traffic accidents,
  • establish systems and procedures for, and oversee the training, testing and licensing of drivers,
  • formulate and review the curriculum of driving schools, and
  • coordinate the activities of persons and organizations dealing in matters relating to road safety.
The technical requirements for the logo are:-
  • The logo should interpret and represent the mandate of the Authority;
  • The logo should have the full name – NATIONAL TRANSPORT AND SAFETY AUTHORITY (NTSA);
  • The logo should be unique, innovative and should not resemble any other existing logo and competitors should guarantee that the proposed logo does not interfere with any third party rights or infringe on any copyright;
  • The logo colours should be dark blue in a background of gold;
  • The logo should be done by using the common design programs with a scale of 28 x 20 cm and a resolution of 300 pixels/inch;
  • By submitting the logo, you agree to transfer copyright of the design to NATIONAL TRANSPORT AND SAFETY AUTHORITY (NTSA);
  • The complete logo with a CD of the design should be deposited in the Tender Box located at the entrance of the Ministry of Transport, Transcom House before 28th February, 2013 at 12.00 noon. The designers or their representatives are invited to attend the opening at the closing time.
The winner of the competition will receive a prize of Kshs.100,000 (one hundred thousand), while the first and second runners up will receive consolation prizes of Kshs.50,000 (fifty thousand) and Kshs.25,000 (twenty five thousand) respectively.

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