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Busara Center for Behavioral Economics Process Consultant Request for Proposals

Busara Center for Behavioral Economics

Request for Proposals: Process Consultant

Duration: 2 months

Primary Manager: Chaning Jang, Director

Expected Level of Effort: High

Background Information: The Busara Center for Behavioral Economics seeks a process consultant / organizational psychologist to assist Busara in the first of an ongoing series of organizational diagnoses, assessments, and implementation of new policies to position Busara towards continued success.

This external consultant is tasked with identifying the strengths that the organization possesses, but more
importantly, the challenges and opportunities for growth.

Since inception in 2012, Busara has grown tremendously – currently the organization employs over 70 fulltime
staff and has operations across East-Africa and beyond.

With Busara’s growth, there have been numerous successes to build upon, but also many challenges that we as an organization must address and overcome so that the next phase of Busara’s future can continue to thrive.

Teams across the organization are seeking well-defined, well-articulated, and streamlined processes both for inter-team and intra-team communication and interaction, as well as general project and internal process implementation.

Through the organization’s period of intensive growth, Busara has created a wealth of processes, documents, policies and protocols, and we seek to streamline and institutionalize these processes to best ensure the future success of the organization.

Description of the Assignment

1. Diagnosis and synthesis

Specific Objectives: Diagnose and synthesize learnings, both at an organizational level as well as broken down by team, into a report that can inform the organization of key challenges, strengths, and opportunities that exist.

Requested Services: Interviews with staff members across all levels of the organization, other exercises as required by the firm’s specific process.

Timing/Logistics: Any in-person interviews must be completed by the time the office closes in mid-December

Expected Outputs: Written report or presentation

Key Contact: Respective project teams for organizing interviews

2. Busara organizational scorecard

Specific Objectives: Create a scorecard (or similar) which lines up Busara’s organizational structures and policies against industry best practices.

Requested Services: This will line up with some of objective 1, but will focus on an audit of policies, processes and
procedures that Busara has in place versus best practices.

Timing/Logistics: Report due January 30

Expected Outputs: Written report

Key Contact: Chaning Jang, Director / Michael Beilman, Director of Operations

3. Key recommendations and next steps

Specific Objectives: Determine a specific and actionable list of recommendations for moving forward to address challenges and build on strengths. Examples of key recommendations include the institution of specific policies, an overhaul of certain departmental processes (e.g. HR), consultations, or training.

Requested Services: List of recommendations

Timing/Logistics: Documents due January 20

Expected Outputs: Document with recommendations, any policies and documents to support (as necessary), training
manuals, RFPs for further consultations, etc.

Key Contact: Chaning Jang, Director / Michael Beilman, Director of Operations


The timeline for this process is as follows:

  • November 7-21: Call for applications
  • November 21-23: Interviews with shortlisted firms / candidates
  • November 24-28: Final interviews
  • November 28-30: Budget discussions and contract signing
  • December 1- 20, January 9-20: Consultant site visit
  • January 20: Final report due

Initial Requirements

To Apply:

We expect process to take between 6 and 8 weeks, and we’ve budgeted up to $15,000 (USD) for the consultant. For consideration, please send the following materials to by November 21, 2016:

  1. Overview of your firm’s proposed process (max 3 pages)
  2. CVs of key staff
  3. Budget (inclusive of any expected costs)
  4. Draft workplan and timeline

Updated: November 16, 2016 — 7:47 am
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