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PROLINNOVA Africa Sub-Regional Coordinators Job Vacancies


Terms of Reference for Sub-Regional Coordinators (SRCs) in Africa

Since 1 August 2016, the PROLINNOVA network is implementing “Promoting local innovation for Food and Nutrition Security” (Proli-FaNS), a three-year project in five countries in Africa: Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Ghana and Kenya.

The project aims to strengthen the innovation capacity of rural communities, particularly of women, and to increase the level of local resilience to change, as well as to contribute to building functional multi-country PROLINNOVA platforms in two sub-regions in Africa:

i) West & Central Africa and

ii) Eastern & Southern Africa.

This may eventually lead to creation of a PROLINNOVA platform in sub-Saharan Africa with the capacity to coordinate South–South sharing, learning and mentoring, including support to newly emerging Country Platforms (CPs) as well as linkages to other regions in Africa and beyond.

In the framework of this project, the PROLINNOVA Oversight Group (POG) is seeking two individuals to serve as Sub-Regional Coordinators (SRCs) – one in each of the two sub-regions: West & Central Africa, and Eastern & Southern Africa.

The current CPs and contact persons in these sub-regions are:

  • West & Central Africa: CPs in Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Ghana, Mali and Senegal; contact persons in Niger and Nigeria
  • Eastern & Southern Africa: CPs in Ethiopia, Kenya, South Africa, Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda; contact person in Mozambique.

Position Summary: Coordination of the sub-regional platforms will be a part-time position.

The key initial responsibility of the SRCs will be to facilitate the setting up and management of sub-regional PROLINNOVA platforms in West & Central Africa and in Eastern & Southern Africa.

Each SRC will work with a taskforce made up of individuals from the various CPs in the sub-region in setting up the platform.

The SRC will support and engage in strengthening the policy-dialogue activities at sub-regional and regional level in Africa.

The SRC will create synergies and stimulate mutual learning among all CPs in the sub-region, i.e. including also those not involved in the Proli-FaNS project.

The SRC will support the coordination and monitoring of the Proli-FaNS project’s regional activities and other CP activities in the sub-region, including re-activating dormant CPs, strengthening the capacity of all CPs, facilitating development of and fund acquisition for multi-CP activities, ensuring a vibrant multi-stakeholder membership in the sub-region and building links with other platforms.

The SRC will report to the Proli-FaNS Project Coordinator in the Association of Church-based Development Projects (ACDEP) in Ghana, the organisation hosting the project, while the POG will provide overall supervision.

Place of employment: to be decided together with the selected SRCs.

Duration of work: Part-time (hours/week to be discussed) commencing 1 May 2017 and lasting until at least 31 July 2019.

The initial contract will be for a 6-month probation period. Extension of the position beyond 31 July 2019 will depend on ability to take initiative in platform development as described below under duties and responsibilities and to engage in fund acquisition.

Key duties and responsibilities


  1. Build the sub-regional platform, particularly for the purpose of strengthening policy-dialogue activities at sub-regional and regional {The activities at regional level will be in collaboration with the other SRC} levels
  2. Create synergies and stimulate mutual learning by facilitating sharing and cross-analysis among the CPs in the sub-region, including those not involved in the Proli-FaNS project
  3. Compile information and report at sub-regional level on progress of the Proli-FaNS project and other CP activities in the sub-region
  4. Coordinate and facilitate documentation and publication at sub-regional level and regional level
  5. Coordinate and develop content for multi-CP meetings/workshops/events and disseminate reports at sub-regional and regional level
    Over time, depending on how the sub-regional platforms develop:
  6. Map CPs’ status regularly as a basis for enhancing performance, ensuring a vibrant membership and good governance, and facilitating capacity strengthening of the CP coordinators and NSCs
  7. Provide technical backstopping to the CPs in collaboration with the CP coordinators, Proli-FaNS Project Coordinator, National Steering Committees (NSCs) and the PROLINNOVA International Support Team (IST)
  8. Provide a hub for capacity building at sub-regional and regional level
  9. Formulate and implement sub-regional strategies to mobilise resources
  10. Facilitate networking and cross-learning with PROLINNOVA regional platforms in Asia and Latin America as well with similar platforms

Minimum qualifications and requirements

1. Interest and passion in promoting local innovation related to small-scale / family farming

2. At least a Master’s degree in development, agriculture, food and nutrition security, natural resource management, sociology, extension, innovation or a related field

3. Good knowledge on farmer-led, participatory research & development and overall concepts and practices of promoting local innovation, and good acquaintance with PROLINNOVA’s work in Africa

4. At least five years of professional experience

5. Living and working in the sub-region

6. Able to conduct regular field visits to the CPs in the sub-region

7. Demonstrable writing and publishing skills (include examples of own publications, also on social media)

Agriculture and Agribusiness, Community Development and Humanitarian, NGO and UN, Project Management
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