Appen Butler Hill Native Swahili Speakers Jobs in Kenya for a Transcription Project

Appen Butler Hill ( is looking for native speakers of Swahili for a transcription project. 
The work will involve listening to audio recordings of Swahili speech and typing in Swahili what is said or fixing the given original Swahili text to match the audio. 
Work is on a flexible basis (minimum availability 20 hours per week).
The work will be provided to successful candidates via our online transcription tool, AppenScribe.

Key Responsibilities: Transcribing Swahili speech to Swahili text.


  • Native speaker, fluent in Swahili, having a background in languages
  • Basic computer knowledge and typing skills [in Swahili on a Swahili keyboard]
  • Basic knowledge and understanding of English
  • Have own computer and internet connection with the latest version of Firefox, Java and Flash Player (links provided to install these).
Additional Information:

Successful candidates will need to work online, so must have a good internet connection, the latest Firefox and Java. 

Preferred working hours = 20-30 hours per week.  

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