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Graphic Designer
Location: Nairobi – Kenya

About Bridge International Academies

Bridge International Academies is a for-profit startup company revolutionizing education across Africa with a unique business model. 

The company runs a large-scale network of low-cost primary schools in Kenya that significantly outperform other primary schools. 
Our schools profitably deliver high-quality education for less than $5 per child per month, which enable the schools to cover their costs and create a profitable central organization at scale. 
We have launched 73 schools in Kenya, and will rapidly scale the company to serve more than 1 million students across the continent.

Job Purpose:  

Bridge International Academies – Marketing and Communications Department is seeking a skilled graphic designer with expertise in creating concepts, designs and execution of all types of media.
The person will support the department and company, be flexible in responding to a variety of requests and maintain a positive working relationship internally and externally. 
We are seeking a passionate candidate with career drive and ambition to grow.

Responsibilities and duties:

  • Create design concepts and sample layouts based on knowledge of layout principles, visual impact and market knowledge.
  • Develop concepts for building designs, signage, wall branding, OOH, print ads, flyers, posters, book designs, brochures, banners and other media that may be used to market the company
  • Develop visual identity and brand/logo guidelines  and guide brand development
  • HTML. Social media, blog/wordpress and basic web design/development skills a plus
  • Use computer software to generate new illustrations/artworks or improve the quality of existing ones.
  • Mark up, paste, and assemble layouts and photography files to prepare them for production
  • Full range of pre-production skills to follow projects through to completion
  • Ability to work with photography, animation, video and illustration
  • Review design for errors and suggest improvements as needed before final publication/printing.
  • Contribute to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed.
  • Estimating the time required to complete the work given in order to meet deadlines.
  • Thinking creatively to produce new ideas and concepts to the overall work given.
  • Proofreading to produce accurate and high-quality design work.
  • Keeping abreast of emerging technologies in new media (particularly design programs such as In-Design, Illustrator, Photoshop, Acrobat pro and Corel Draw) as most graphic design work is now completed on a computer
  • Name, save and archive designs and files in organized, systematized way
  • Working as part of a team with strategy team, printers, , copyeditors, authors, , and other designers.
Education and core competencies
  • Undergraduate degree (design preference)
  • 4-5 years+ experience as a graphic designer in a branding or advertising agency
  • Proven track record and portfolio of commercial work
  • Proficiency in CS4;  InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Acrobat pro and Corel Draw
  • Tech and digital media savvy
  • Good organization skills and ability to multi-task
  • Excellent English writing and oral communication skills
  • Good presentation skills
  • Flexible and adaptable
  • Ability to maintain confidential information
  • A individual who takes initiative and is proactive
  • An individual who works well with others and is a team player
Are you right for Bridge International Academies Marketing & Communications Department?
  • Our genetic code requires us to constantly seek excellence and act in a proactive manner, which means doing everything to reach project goals, deadlines and improvements vs. waiting to be told what to do.
  • Exceptional communicators. We honor each other by listening, sharing information, helping find solutions, staying open to differences and re-aligning when needed.
  • We are people we respect and like to be around at work and life.
  • We LOVE marketing and seek ways to grow the business and reach more customers every day
  • We love BIA’s mission and are here to help achieve a positive difference in the lives of all we touch – both our customers and our colleagues
  • We are eager to be part of a team that’s always for each other with “skin in the game.”
  • We are proactive advisors, bringing insights, staying curious and offering solutions that improve process and drive effective programs to meet goals
  • We are insightful and have conceptual ability around the business, markets and the creative process
  • We are goal- setters and goal-achievers. Pro-active about solutions, learning and receiving feedback with willingness to grow.
  • Have a sound sense of financial accountability, fiscal responsibility and treat BIA money as cautiously as our own.
  • We value giving back to others and do so whether it’s with our time, energy or treasure.
  • Highest integrity – when others are looking or when alone. When we make promises, we keep them. if not, we make a new promise and keep that.
In order to be considered for this position all candidates must register and upload their CV’s on our website at

Only short listed candidates will be contacted

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