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Background on CTG Global CTG Global is a Human Resources Service Company specialising in the appointment of specialised personnel and their operational management in countries experiencing or emerging from armed conflict, natural disasters, or acute social and economic crisis worldwide. 

CTG provides tailored support enabling a growing number of public and private sector agencies, Governments and individuals to achieve their objectives in complex and challenging environments. 
CTG’s current clients are in Afghanistan, Somalia, Libya, South Sudan, Sudan, Kenya, Palestine, Congo, Ghana, Jordan, UAE and Iraq; and currently comprise government, UN organizations, NGOs and different corporate organisations such as engineering, security, ICT and Oil & Gas companies. 
CTG is an expanding company offering the right career minded individual the opportunity to grow and develop with our expansion plans throughout Africa.

Rationale & Integrity CTG has been operational for the past 8 years. Our rapid growth Globally has developed the requirement for a dynamic experienced self-starting Manager who can lead this expansion and client growth with support from the company’s senior management. 

The Regional Manager will be a key person in achieving senior management’s vision and objectives in managing the companies Recruitment, HR and Personnel Management Support Services that it provides to its clients on a global basis.
It is your sole responsibility to maintain comprehensive oversight and management of these core functions ensuring the company and its activities have the requisite candidates available and the Recruitment, Personnel Management, and HR Systems in place. 
The Regional manager will also ensure that all regional programme staff will operate in compliance with all company policies and procedures which have been established to meet our ever evolving requirements to provide quality services to our clients.


Regional Manager for CTG Global (“CTG”), based in CTG’s Africa Regional HQ in Nairobi (Kenya).

Newly created position in support of our expanding and potential Africa business development. 
The Regional Manager should expect frequent travel throughout Africa to support on-going and potential new clients, particularly Eastern Africa as our current growth region. 
Current Countries of operation in Africa include: Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, Libya, Liberia and Congo. 
Some business travel may require longer periods during business development and new contract opportunity periods to support establishment, mobilisation and implementation to operational phases pertaining to clients demands. 
There will be a requirement for travel from time to time to other of the Company’s offices/Global HQ (the latter being based in Dubai).


I. Regional Management II. Business Development & Client Management III. Operations & Staff Management

I. Regional Management

  • Management and accountability of the full spectrum of CTG business throughout Africa, ensuring the professional standards of CTG, the operations, the staff and the services provided are based on quality service to all ongoing and potential clients.
  • Ultimately responsible for the Development of CTG’s client list throughout Africa. The Regional Manager must ensure he/she has full oversight of all Business Development activities, assisting with introduction of known contacts and connections to the Commercial Director/Manager and responsible for reviewing all proposals (both technical and financial) prior to client submission. At contract award support the Commercial team during negotiations and with obtaining swift client contract review and signature.
  • Client and Operational Management of all CTG Clients throughout Africa with direct support from the Commercial Manager and Nairobi based Portfolio staff. Supporting such locally based portfolio staff with advice and direction too efficiently and effectively deal with the daily operational and personnel demands, managing problems and issues with consultants, etc.
  • Responsible for the Management, Crisis Management and “Duty-of-Care” for CTG Internal Employee’s based in African countries working closely with the HR Officer in regard to all staffing matters. Oversight management of recruitment of all local national personnel for our offices and projects throughout Africa – working with the corporate HQ HR officer and Recruitment Manager in such regard).
  • With the support of the Accounts & Administration Assistant (AAA) and the Corporate Accounting Team, you will be accountable for CTG’s complete Regional financial position – ensuring that the fiduciary reputation of CTG is transparent and maintained to the highest level, and all CTG’s African accounting procedures are correctly and timely delivered upon. In particular your responsibilities will involve:
  • Reviewing the monthly Profit & Loss (management accounts) for CTG African business by country;
  • Responsible for management of business operating expenses in the Regional and Africa country/field offices. Reviewing and scrutinising the operational and overhead expenses monthly for CTG’s African business by country and regionally; 
  • Working with the commercial team and corporate finance department in the compilation of the annual budget; 
  • Ensure Implementation of the Financial & Administration SOPs and Systems by regional Finance and Accounting staff; 
  • Ensure Finance and Accounting staff have been properly training and are supported by the corporate/global HQ financial management; 
  • Oversee local Cash Projection/Forecast: Ensuring the division is cash sufficient and all expenses are paid on priority basis to ensure the division doesn’t suffer a cash shortage; 
  • Management of the company’s Nairobi Bank accounts, and authorise any withdrawals. Company signatory on bank accounts and custodian of cash – full liability applies; 
  • Collection of Receivables: Weekly meeting with CFO regarding Aging Analysis to ensure agreement and actions to be taken for African based clients debt collection. Assisting when required with the collection process of all outstanding receivables.
  • Produce Daily Reports (verbal) to the Commercial Director and weekly written reports to the Executive Leadership Team.
II. Business Development & Client Management
  • For each African country of service ascertain the market demand for CTG, and whether CTG’s current establishment and business model works in liaison with the Commercial Team. A Marketing & BD plan for each territory should be established, and the RM shall be an enormous contributor to these, in some efforts the primary and sole contributor.
  • Responsible for the initial research of business opportunities throughout Africa including the assistance with Technical and Financial RFP response/proposal/EOI writing for Africa proposals where required by the Commercial Team.
  • The first point of contact in most cases in regards to BD and shall be under the direct guidance and report to the Commercial Director in relation to Business Development activities for the company.
  • Client Management – Shall take a proactive role in the day-to-day client management and the continual development of important existing clients. May be assigned specific clients to manage from time to time; within CTG client managers are normally assigned to the person best appointed or qualified to provide the services and manage such particular client. Collaborate closely with the Commercial Manager to review and further optimise all operational aspects of the assigned contract portfolio and service delivery against client agreements.
  • Procure relationships with service providers and/or JV partners to support the company’s development in all African countries of service (e.g. Travel Agents, Equipment providers, etc).
  • In coordination with the CFO and the Country Planning Assistant in the company’s Global HQ ensure that the company has comprehensive “Entry Country Plans” – for each country in Africa CTG wishes to establish operations in and register CTG. At a minimum these should include the following items (of which (d) and (e) shall be fundamental responsibilities of the RM to produce).:
  • Physical Entry strategy and requirements (analysis, needs, impact and action plan)
  • Legal structure and process of establishing a business
  • Financial requirements of establishing a new company
  • Operational plans & SOPs
  • Business Development plan (in liaison with the Commercial Team)
  • Local Labour Laws & HR requirements (including Visas & Work permits) for CTG staffing
  • Identification of Local National Recruitment & other Administrative facilities, ability & SOPs
  • Deployment & Logistical SOPs
  • Risk Assessments, Security & Safety SOPs
  • Office/Life support location sourcing
  • Crisis management, Medevac & Medical facilities accessibility in case of emergency
III. Operational & Staff Management:
  • Responsible for ensuring the continuity of the HR Management support services provided to our current and future African-based client contracts, attending frequent meetings with such clients to guarantee the services provided.
  • Support the Commercial Manager with new Project/Programme start-ups and mobilisations upon request. Assisting with the physical and legal establishment of operations in new African territories, including but not limited to developing CTG staff positions, scoping of locations/sites, procurement, and development of new country specific procedures (in liaison with the CFO & Commercial Team). Supporting procurement requirements for new countries of service operational offices and pertaining to RFP requirements for new BD or other operational requirements.
  • CTG’s Africa Business complete Operational Oversight and leadership to CTG core staff and country/field offices once established.
  • QC/QA of the services and support provided to all CTG clients in Africa including the important checking of RFP, proposal, financial and contract records to ensure that the company is delivering as requested, sold and agreed
  • Establish a local Security provider for CTG in each Country of Service and provide continual liaison with said provider to ensure CTG has the correct security support in its high risk countries of operation. Oversight of the Monitoring of security situations and the provision of security guidance and advice to our consultants, ensuring our clients are satisfied with the security and safety procedures and systems provided.
  • Upon appointment, train, and throughout employment, mentor, all African HQ and new Africa Field Office staff to provide the turnkey and niche support which CTG has agreed to provide to each client. Provide initial direction to Africa based staff (in coordination with the Commercial Manager who shall oversee Client Portfolio/LASO staff). In addition establish and maintain operational management systems and training relevant to any specific/local country of service requirement/law. Ensuring all Africa based field offices are reporting efficiently and effectively into the Regional HQ in Nairobi and are engaging with the clients in such field offices suitably. Ensure our permanent staff are developing in support of CTG business needs. Work on and constantly be aware of the need for team building within our African operations and offices, designing with support from the HR Officer, appropriate activities to promote an adhesive team environment in the difficult remote coverage of our business operations and staffing.
  • Maintenance of the Regional HQ Ops management systems and maps for use by all those supporting the company’s African operations.
  • Training – implement robust induction training systems and SOPs for CTG internationally recruited consultants in liaison with the Security & Safety Manager.
  • Ensure all African relevant and field Business, Operational, Financial and Administrational Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are kept up to date ensuring they meet current demands of our clients. Ensure that our company policies, procedures, codes of conduct, directives, administrative instructions, SOP’s, systems, standards and reporting structures are applied appropriately and adhered to by our African based staff, to ensure business success and client satisfaction. Review and revise such for approval with Global HQ as required due to country/regional specific changing requirements. Ensuring that implementation understood strictly as Company Policy.
  • Support Africa based staff with consultants Crisis Management, including Body Repatriation and Medical Assistance through mechanism’s in place or develop those where required. Conducting formal investigations into incidents – operational, disciplinary or administrative. Providing local assistance to the Corporate HR Officer for permanent staff based in Africa. Provide complete management of any crisis situations or evacuation according to relevant SOPs. Responsible for assisting with procurement of emergency support facilities and establishment of new SOPs for such in new countries of operation.
  • Ensure All Africa relevant operational and business SOPs are kept up to date and initiated to ensure they meet current demands of our clients.
Line Management

You will directly report to the Commercial Director (2ic to the CEO).


The ideal candidate would have the following preferable qualities and strengths:

  • Experienced in leadership, operational management, with a fundamental desire to travel to operationally demanding locations and to be based in Nairobi, Kenya. • Experience in project implementation, client management and business development.
  • Country experience ~ Previous experience in CTG’s current and future operational centres would be preferable and/or had previous operational experience in more than one Northern or Eastern Africa country. 
  • Experience working with or in the United Nations, Humanitarian Aid Sector, Donor’s, (USAID, US DOD, USACE, DFID, etc.), INGO’s and or Governments agencies at a Regional Operational Management level or higher. 
  • Human Resources and the Management of such 
  • Energy and Infrastructure experience ~ knowledge of these business sectors would be useful. 
  • Ambitious and dynamic with a dedicated approach to working in a diverse and energetic team and for a young and developing company whose global footprint is expanding exponentially. 
  • Available to relocate or already living in Nairobi, Kenya.
Benefits & Remuneration Package

CTG shall provide a suitable candidate with a permanent contract of employment and the following type of package. Salary is guideline only and the company shall make an offer deemed appropriate pertaining to their selection criteria.

  • Remuneration Package: From USD 80,000 to USD 100,000 per annum Dependent on experience (tax free – paid out of the UAE) 
  • Housing: Furnished accommodation shall be provided in the company’s new House/Office in Nairobi’s Westlands area. Maid and security facilities are already in place at such residence and all utilities paid for by the company. 
  • Car: Use of the Company’s 4×4 as the priority user (when the Commercial Director is not in town!) 
  • Club Membership: USD 3,300 
  • Visa: Employee only 
  • Insurances include: 1. Personal Accident: o Death/permanent disablement – sum insured 3x Annual Salary o Temporary disablement – sum insured $750/week o Medical including repatriation (in high risk countries) – $1million o Property $2,500 o Money $1,500 o Dependents also covered on Personal Accident Insurances 2. Term Life – sum insured USD 150,000 3. BUPA International Gold Health Care – Employee elective following probationary period. FamilyStatus. Regional Manager is under the Company policy Category B = Company 75% contribution/Employee 25% contribution. 
  • Travel: Economy Class – Flights for employee for mobilisation/demobilisation only. No leave flights will be granted. 
  • Leave: As per company policy – 25 business days per annum plus 10 National Holidays declared by the Government of Kenya. 
  • Relocation Allowance: As per company policy. 
  • Working hours: Monday – Friday; 8am – 5pm however this senior management designation shall be expected to devote weekends and evenings to the company for business reasons/business travel for no additional remuneration as required. The level of work and overtime has been considered in determining the company’s offered package.
How to apply:

Applications including CV cover letter and references in English should be emailed to the Recruitment Manager of CTG Global: careers@ctgglobal.com

Closing date:  19 Jul 2012
Please mark Regional Manager Africa- BHJOB2678_181 in the subject line.

Applications submitted after the recruitment deadline will not be considered.

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