Employers really need what they hate – Beating the trap

It is cut throat and competitive yet job seekers are getting to look the same in terms of their profiles. While experience is easy to demonstrate, enthusiasm and motivation may not be. Luckily, many employers get excited about candidate experience and care less about the chemistry with the jobs that they have. 
This is unfortunate because this is what eventually helps to maximise the impact of an employee in a job. I don’t know which book this came from; but everybody knows it. Birds have learnt to fly without perching. Get your foot in first and issue about chemistry with the employer will get into place. Quite reasonable!

Who said that technical aptitude and chemistry with an employer cannot be realised with a single approach? The chemistry can be realised from the technical soundness. The funny aspect is the employers recruit people who need to sort out short term gaps that they have and may realise. This is what makes it impossible for self driven and visionary jobs seekers to realise their long terms ambitions. Is there a solution to it?

At the time when we seek to join the employers, what is the impression that we give them? Are we the extra set of hands or a potential set of new perspectives? The latter is attractive to the extent that such perceptions given in the interview about progress mindedness are genuine. Many employers give a heavenly impression of how high they are ready to go but are not open about the personal egos that may ruin the realisation at a personal level. This is probably something that no job seeker can change. Job seekers need jobs. Full stop!

Employers are hungry for new ideas, methods and processes. They are hungry for productive benchmarks. This is all good but the discouraging mentality is the many are followers and not market leaders. Even to an idea that makes logical sense, the question is, where has this been done before? You may call it risk management mentality to make it sound positive but to a competitive mindset – it is the highest level of corporate mediocrity. 

Brilliant job seekers that would not want to be thrown off guard in an interview at such questions will certainly rephrase their approach from selling new ideas to sharing insights. This is non – threatening and will survive one in an interview. Did i say employers are hungry foe new ideas? Yes they are. They are equally scared of new ideas? Not corporate employers exactly but individuals within organisations with overwhelming levels of ego.
Job seekers need jobs, ideally, to use their skills but practically to kill their potentials. The difference is informed not by how they get the jobs but how they play their way into getting what they want. Get your foot inside – remember! How?

Sell a vision, purpose or personal conviction on an opportunity, solution (cautiously) or insights. Let the cover letter speak it out. This is the only way job seekers will create jobs by challenging the approaches to solutions delivery. Conceptualise and create the value that you will deliver and a position will be created for you to deliver it. 

Alternatively, demonstrate insights that will excite the prospect employer and get a chance to internally negotiate for the realisation of your vision. Your market value as an employee will be driven by your own value proposition to an employer – even without a job advert.

Look at your cover letter again. AGAIN!

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