MESPT Seeks Architects Team to Design and Supervise Building Renovations

Architects to Design and Supervise Office Renovations Required

Micro Enterprises Support Programme Trust (MESPT)

Draft Terms of Reference for Design and Supervision of Renovations for Plot No LR NO. 209/1007/2, Tausi Lane, Westlands, Nairobi.

The Micro Enterprises Support Programme Trust has acquired two blocks of flats in Westlands suburb of Nairobi that are to be converted from residential houses into the organisation’s offices. MESPT is seeking
the services of qualified Architects (individuals or firms), to Design the renovations necessary to convert the building into suitable offices, prepare the documents needed by the contractors to quote and to supervise the contractors who will carry out the renovations.

The Micro Enterprises Support Programme Trust has purchased the above plot on Tausi Lane Westlands. On the property are two blocks of flats (one block of 6 flats and another block of 4 flats). The block of 6 flats is quite old while the one of 4 flats is relatively new. These flats have been used as residential houses but MESPT has already obtained Change of User (from residential to offices), authorisation from the City Council of Nairobi.

MESPT plans to use the block of six flats as own offices while the block of 4 flats will be rented out the way they are with minimum renovations and decorations.
MESPT is seeking quotations (proposals), from individual Architects or firms to design the renovations required to convert the 6 flats into offices of the organisation based on the attached suggested set up. 
The Please quote on basis of professionals that you deem necessary and who should include the following:-

1. Design Architect who will also be the Team Leader.
2. Quantity Surveyor who will prepare the Bills of Quantities.
3. Services Engineers who will recommend the changes that need to be effected on all the services needed to make the offices habitable.
4. Structural Engineer who will make recommendations on the changes that need to be made (if any), on the structure of the buildings.
5. Any other professional you deem critical for the successful implementation of the project.

The Architect should quote a fee that will cover all the professionals needed to carry out the stipulated tasks. Please indicate the total cost (including VAT and all other expenses), in Kenya shillings.

The tasks for this assignment should be as follows:-
1. Design of the renovations proposed by MESPT based on the scope of work indicated on the write up.
2. Preparation of tender documents needed by the contractors to quote. This should include the advertisement in the newspaper and the detailed bills of quantities).
3. Leading the process of evaluating the quotations made by the contractors and recommending the most appropriate contractor to the Tender Committee of MESPT.
4. Supervising the contractors (indicating a clear workplan on what will be done when), until the completed project is handed over to MESPT.
The contractor should give the approximate period (in months or days), in which they will complete tasks 1 to 3 and the payment plan they would like to have for each of the tasks stipulated above. Please indicate the number of days required for each of the tasks.

Viewing of the building can be done with prior arrangement with Ms. Lucy Kamau of MESPT who can be reached on office telephone numbers 0722 207905 and 0735 333154.
The closing date for receiving the quotations or proposals for the Design and Supervision of renovations is Monday 30th July 2012 at 12.00 Noon. 
The opening of the bids will be done immediately and all the bidders and other members of the public will be free to observe the tender opening process.

The Terms of Reference and the proposed renovations can be viewed at the MESPT websites on or

Sealed bids should be deposited in the tender box in the fifth floor Board Room by 12.00 noon Monday 30th July 2012. The bids will be opened immediately after the closure period and interested bidders and members of the public are invited to participate in the opening ceremony. 
The bids should be addressed to:-

The Tender Committee
Micro Enterprises Support Programme Trust (MESPT) 

2nd Floor, Vision Tower, Muthithi Road, Westlands 
P. O. Box 187, Sarit Centre 00606, Nairobi, Kenya

Tel: 020 3746354, 3746764, 3749942 Fax: 3746764 
Cell phones: 0722 207905 and 0735 333154 

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