MSF – Holland Supply Pharmacist Job in Kenya

Supply Pharmacist

MSF – Holland

Salary And Benefits: 1/ Gross Monthly Salary: 120,548/=; 2/ Health Coverage (Dependants Included)

Starting Date: August the 1st 2012

Terms Of Employment: Full time defined term renewable contract (3 month probation period)


Hierarchically accountable to the General Manager, functionally responsible to MSF (Amsterdam-based) Section Pharmacist for Pharmaceutical issues, to the Transport and Custom Officer for the transport section of the job profile, and to the Procurement Officer for procurement section of this Job profile

Location:Nairobi (Field visits if requested)


To provide a link between the MSF OCA NSC and Kenyan Authorities involved in pharmaceutical issues and follow-up of MSF quality Assurance system and procurement policy as relevant to NSC; to support transport and customs department for medical and non-medical related issues.

Essential Qualifications
  • 1/ Kenyan citizen; 
  • 2/ Recognised university degree in Pharmacy with the required practice licence and current registration status with P.P.B – Kenya; 
  • 3/ Enthusiastic, proactive, pharmacist willing to expand her/his horizons and grow in the world’s biggest independent medical non-profit organization
1 – Presentation of MSF: 
Medicines Sans Frontiers (also known as Doctors Without Borders or MSF) is a private, non-profit; international humanitarian medical organization, which intervenes in natural and man-made disasters, to relive human suffering from unmet medical needs, and to create a space for humanity. 
MSF works to incite a social and political response that meets the essential needs, and respects and protect the dignity of people in danger. 
MSF observes strict neutrality with respect to political issues and renders its assistance without making any discrimination on the basis of race, religion, ideology, or political organization, respecting its Charter and shared principles. 
In a spirit of volunteerism, proximate and in solidarity with assisted peoples, MSF’s members hold humanitarian principles and respect for medical ethics.

2 – General Objectives of the position

A – Pharmacy

  • 1/ Ensures the respect of the legislative pharmaceutical framework for transit, purchase, storage and exportation of goods (Kenya and international). Also ensure that damaged or expired Pharmaceutical products are disposed of with respect to national legislation and MSF policy for Pharmaceutical and Hazardous Waste. 
  • 2/ Inspects all pharmaceuticals received to NSC via local procurement and before shipping. 
  • 3/ Offers technical support to the GM, when s/he discusses and/or updates procurement policies with the intersectional and/or Amsterdam based responsible pharmacist. 
  • 4/ Responsible for regular Inventory of EPREP medical stock stored at NSC (other locations if requested and applicable) and reports on relevant details (expiry dates, batch numbers, discrepancies, etc.). 
  • 5/ Offers technical support to other mission when/if required to do so. 
  • 6/ S/he will be the person responsible for assuring the QA system of NSC, regarding handling/storage of the pharmaceutical products according to Good Distribution Practices and MSF standard procedures/guidelines 
  • 7/ Performs any other task if required to do so.
B – Customs and transport 
  • 1/ Participates in the daily activities of transport and customs department 
  • 2/ is involved in the documentation processes of the transport department 
  • 3/ Performs any other task if required to do so.
Position Details

A – Pharmacy: Tasks And Responsibilities Local Purchase: 

  • 1/ Actively collects (and disseminates) information, and keeps up to date relevant departments involved, on regulations and the legal framework set by the PPB and/or other relevant governmental bodies; 
  • 2/ Upon GM request liaises with PPB and/or other relevant governmental bodies on all issues related MSF activities; 
  • 3/ Ensures that NSC complies with the legal framework for transit, purchase, storage and exportation of pharmaceutical goods. 
  • 4/ Ensures that all local purchase requests received are validated by Amsterdam HQ before proceeding to purchase and that Regional Pharmacist is kept in copy of any Local Purchase orders placed by NSC for Pharmaceutical items
Narcotics and Psychotropic
Upon request and under the supervision of the GM liaise with PPB and/or other relevant governmental bodies for the management (transit, local purchase, storage and exportation) of restricted (psychotropic and narcotic) drugs.

Destruction of Expired Stock: 

  • 1/ Liaise with relevant national authority and Section Pharmacist regarding legislation and procedure for destruction of Pharmaceutical waste (damaged and expired drugs) in Kenya. 
  • 2/ Maintain records of all expired/damaged drugs (approval of Logistics & HQ Pharmacist required before destruction). 
  • 3/ in co-operation with Logistics team, identify possible sites for destruction according to method recommended by HQ.
Pharmaceuticals and non-pharmaceuticals proper storage: Upon request supports the logistics team in order to ensure MSF OCA standards for : 
  • a/ Appropriate warehousing – advice regarding selection and maintenance of recommended storage conditions and store layout (security, palleting, ventilation, shelving, pest control, separate storage for restricted and dangerous goods etc); 
  • b/ Correct cold-chain management according to OCA Cold chain protocol; 
  • c/ Stock organisation according to MSF supply guidelines; including appropriate management of expiry dates and possible ruptures; rotation of e-prep stocks to ensure avoiding losses due to expiry
B – Customs And Transports: Tasks And Responsibilities Export document s: 
  • 1/ assists in preparation of export document requests and (TR) transport request; 
  • 2/ assists in preparation export doc file (TF) transport file; 
  • 3/ assists in sending service request to clearing and forwarding agent; 
  • 4/ follows up with clearing and forwarding agent for export doc preparation; 
  • 5/ assists in receiving export doc from suppliers; 
  • 6/ assists in entering export doc into log7 software; 
  • 7/ forwards export doc to field/transporters; 
  • 8/ follows up endorsed doc with field/transporters/ clearing and forwarding agents; 
  • 9/ closes export docs in log7; 
  • 10/ returns export doc to suppliers/ clearing and forwarding agents; 
  • 11/ forwards to administration for VAT refund.
Transit documents: 
  • 1/ Assists in receiving transit doc from clearing and forwarding agents; 
  • 2/ creates transport file (TF) in transport request (TR); 
  • 3/ enters docs into log7 regularly; 
  • 4/ assists in sending TF (transport file) to clearing and forwarding agent when exportation is planned for transit outward; 
  • 5/ assist in forwarding transit doc to transporter/ clearing and forwarding agent/field; 
  • 6/ assists in following up with field/ clearing and forwarding agent/transporter for return of endorsed transit doc and COE; 
  • 7/ assists in closing returned docs in log7; 
  • 8/ returns original to clearing and forwarding agents makes copies and files everything.
Transit Go-down:  
  • 1/ aassists in preparation of extension requests for KRA for goods still in TGD; 
  • 2/ assists in following up with clearing and forwarding agent for inspection and approval of TGD extension.
Monthly Overviews
  • 1/ assists in updating and maintaining export doc overviews for transit docs in liaison with clearing and forwarding agents/ mission and NSC transport officer; 
  • 2/ assists in updating and maintain VAT refund overview and report to transport and custom officers; 
  • 3/ maintains and closes export docs files/enters clearing and forwarding invoices and reports on the same to the transport and custom officers.
  • 1/ supervises offsite loading/offloading; 
  • 2/ crosschecks items pending shipment in warehouse with warehouse supervisor and report to the transport and custom officer.
4 – Required Skills: 
  • Ability to organize and prioritise workload independently, using initiative when appropriate 
  • Good knowledge of Kenyan pharmaceutical laws including import and export together with Pharmacy stock management experience 
  • Attention to detail with good analytical skills 
  • Good command of English and Swahili, both written and spoken 
  • Available for field trips
  • Excellent computer skills 
  • Ability to work with minimal supervision 
  • Pleasant and polite attitude at all times; ability to reflect the professional standards of MSF-OCA 
  • Ability to act as part of multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary team 
  • Interest in and commitment to MSF’s activities, ability to represent MSF to others
5 – Qualifications
  • Kenyan citizen; 
  • Recognised university degree in Pharmacy with the required practice licence and current registration status with P.P.B – Kenya
  •  Enthusiastic, proactive, pharmacist willing to expand her/his horizons and grow in the world’s biggest independent medical non-profit organization
How to apply:

Please submit your applition before July the 22nd 2012. 

Only selected candidates will be contacted. 
Please forward your CV and a detailed motivation letter to:

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