The National Gender and Equality Commission (NGEC) Strategic Planning Consultancy Expression of Interest (EOI)

1. Summary
The National Gender and Equality Commission (NGEC) are seeking suitably qualified candidates to finalize the development of the institution’s 3-year Strategic Plan for the years 2012-2014. 
The consultancy is expected to take place in August of 2012 and it is estimated that it will require a maximum of Twenty (20) consultancy days.
2. Background

The NGEC was established by an Act of Parliament in August 2011, pursuant to Article 59 (4)-(5) of the Constitution, as a successor in title to the Kenya National Human Rights and Equality Commission. 
Its mandate derives from Article 27 of the Constitution in that it shall seek to promote gender equality and freedom from discrimination in accordance with the Article, by monitoring, facilitating and advising on the integration of these principles in all national and county policies, laws, and administrative regulations.
The NGEC will also be coordinating and facilitating the mainstreaming of gender issues, which includes ensuring that the concerns of both sexes, of marginalized groups and minorities, persons with disabilities, and the youth among others, constitute an integral dimension in the design of policies and laws and administrative procedures, and budgeting and budget implementation, so as to ensure that inequalities are not perpetuated.
In line with this the NGEC has been given the authority to investigate on its own initiative or on the basis of complaints, any matter in respect of violations of the principles of equality and freedom from discrimination. 
It shall work with the National Commission on Human Rights, the Commission on Administrative Justice and other related institutions to ensure efficiency and effectiveness and complementarities in their activities. 
Finally, it will also be conducting audits on the status of special interest groups and furthermore submit annual reports on the status of implementation of its obligations under its establishing law.
3. Consultancy Objectives
The primary objective of the consultancy is to finalize the process of the development of a strategic plan for the NGEC for the years 2012-2014. 
The strategic plan should give the NGEC a framework within which to work in the next Three (3) years, based on the mandate of the NGEC, its key results areas, strategic objectives and operational structure. 
It will clearly provide for its program areas and a fully costed Implementation plan and Monitoring and Evaluation framework, all of which take cognizance of the NGEC’s strengths (and opportunities), and limitations.
4. Submission Instructions
Interested bidders must obtain the Terms of Reference (TORs) from the address below during office hours i.e. between 8am and 4pm, to guide them on what documentation they will be required to submit.
Interested bidders will be required to provide proof of their ability to undertake this assignment, by submitting evidence of having undertaken similar assignments. 
In addition to furnishing the NGEC with examples of strategic plans that they developed, they will be required to provide Letters of Commendation (originals) from three institutions for which they have developed strategic plans.
The deadline for full submissions is: 12pm on 27th of July, 2012.
Submissions are to be made in English and delivered to the offices of the NGEC, in a plain, sealed envelope, marked: ‘Strategic Planning Consultancy’.
The envelop should be addressed as follows:
The Commission Secretary
National Gender and Equality Commission
N.S.S.F. Building, 24th Floor (Block A, Eastern Wing)
P.O. Box 27512-00506
Thereafter it should be deposited in the ‘National on Gender and Equality Commission Tender Box’ located at the main entrance of the offices of the NGEC.
For any questions or queries, please direct them to the following e-mail addresses:
You can also contact the above officer by phone on Tel: +254 20 2727776/8.

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