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Person Description of a Sales and Marketing Executive

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Able to prospect on self generated leads & can demonstrate such success.

Have existing relationship with prospects & Clients for our products.
Able to socialize & build rapport fast with strangers
Able to establish and maintain outstanding client relationship.
Able to solicit for referrals

Can set uncapped employment income & constantly increase.

Able to direct own activities without supervision
Confident in ability to succeed

Able to learn new information fast

Able to precisely and effectively communicate both verbally & in writing
Able to construct insightful questions , pick on important information from the answers given and use such information to construct additional questions
Able to qualify business opportunity
Able to quantify business problem
Able to convince prospects to take a buy decision
Able to maximize account penetration
Able to evaluate ROI in every conversation
Able and determined to follow through commitments
Focused  on desired results
Able to maintain consistent level of productivity

Able to maintain emotional strength to deal with low moments


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