RATN Terms of Reference for Evaluation of Comprehensive RBM Capacity Building for HIV AIDS Service Organizations (RECABASO) Project

Terms of Reference for Evaluation of Comprehensive RBM Capacity Building for HIV AIDS Service Organizations (RECABASO) project

1. Background
The Regional AIDS Training Network (RATN), based in Nairobi Kenya, is a regional NGO with presence in eleven countries across Eastern and Southern Africa. RATN’s mission is to strengthen the capacity of individuals and organizations to respond to HIV and AIDS. Currently RATN has 35 member institutions In 11 countries.
The Comprehensive RBM Capacity Building for HIV AIDS Service Organizations (RECABASO) project is a new and innovative initiative, aimed at utilizing best practices in identifying and addressing Results Based Management capacity gaps among organizations implementing HIV & AIDS programmes in Eastern and Southern Africa.
The RECABASO project strives to reinforce the role played by Results Based Management in improving the effectiveness of HIV and AIDS programmes. 
The project approach stresses that adequate capacity building and technical support is necessary in helping many AIDS Service Organizations (ASOs0 realize their potential. 
In this context RATN with funding from Sida launched the RECABASO initiative aimed at building RBM capacity for AIDS service organizations and community institutions implementing programmes towards achieving the public health Millennium Development Goals 4, 5, and 6 which are; to reduce child mortality rate; improve maternal health and combat HIV and AIDS, malaria, and other diseases
In Eastern Africa, the project is implemented by Regional AIDS Training Network in partnership with Eastern Africa Networks of AIDS Service Organizations (EANNASO), based in Arusha, Tanzania.
The project involves AIDS service organizations and community institutions indicating specific RBM areas in which they need capacity building and how the need is linked to improved HIV services delivery. 
RECABASO teams of RBM experts then follow up with detailed diagnosis of applicant organizations to line up with the best solutions that include experiential learning, internships, on-site mentoring and technical support and follow-ups.
Purpose of the evaluation
RATN is seeking a competent and experienced consultant for evaluation of RECABASO project. 
The overall purpose of this consultancy is to assess the implementation and outcomes of the pilot phase of RECABASO that run from January 2011 to April 30, 2012.
The specific objectives of the assessment are to:
a) Assess the extent to which the project objectives have been achieved
b) Review the current status of the beneficiary institutions including any follow up plans;
c) Document successes, challenges and lessons learnt during the course of implementation and
d) Make recommendations on how best to enhance and implement the next phase of RECABASO
2. Scope of Work for the Assignment
In undertaking the evaluation the consultant will focus on the following aspects but not limited to:
Programme Conceptualization/Design:
i. Assess whether the problems the project was addressing were clearly identified and the approach soundly conceived;
ii. Assess whether the target beneficiaries and end-users of the results of the project were clearly identified;
Programme Relevance:
i. Assess whether the project was relevant to the development priorities of the country and;
ii. Given the objectives of the project, whether appropriate institutions have been assisted.
Programme Implementation:
The consultant shall examine the quality and/or timeliness in regard to:
i. The delivery of inputs specified in the project document, including institutional arrangements, interest of beneficiaries, the scheduling and actual implementation
ii. Assess whether the management arrangements of the project were appropriate and adequate;
iii. The responsiveness of the project management to significant changes in the environment in which the project functioned (both facilitating or impeding project implementation);
Programme Performance:
i. Assess whether the project resources (financial, physical and manpower) were adequate in terms of both quantity and quality;
ii. Assess whether the project resources were used effectively to produce planned results Assess whether the project is cost-effective compared to similar interventions;
iii. The role of the project Steering Team (RATN and EANNASO) and its impact (positive and negative) on the functioning of the programme.
Results/Success of the programme:
The overall outputs and their meaning are as defined in project documents that should form the main basis for this evaluation. 
In addition to the targets in the logical framework, the details of the specific project outcomes to be provided are:
i. What are the major achievements of the project vis-à-vis its objectives.
ii. What are the potential areas for programme success? Please explain in detail in terms of impact, sustainability of results and contribution to capacity development.
iii. What major issues and problems affected the implementation of the project and what factors could have resolved them.
iv. Given an opportunity, what actions the consultant would have recommended to ensure that this potential for success translated into actual success.
v. Level of institutional networking achieved and capacity development of key partners, if done in a structured manner at different stages – from inception to programme operations.
vi. Any underlying factors, beyond control, that influenced the outcome of the programme.
vii. Have there been any unplanned effects
Summary of recommendations and lessons learnt
i. Provide detailed recommendations on main issues associated with the design, planning, results, outcomes, management and implementation of the RECABASO project. The information provided should enable the RATN management to determine what needs to be improved to ensure that the project achieves its intended purpose and impact.
ii. The Review Report shall also include recommendations, if necessary, for the implementing ASOs to improve the quality of similar projects with an understanding that the feedback of these recommendations to the ASOs will assist them to improve the subsequent RECABASO project
3. Expected Deliverables and Schedule

To complete the assignment the consultant shall submit on the following deliverables:
  • Draft evaluation report: In line with the purpose of the consultancy above, the consultant shall be responsible for producing a report covering in detail each of the specific objectives above. The Consultant will present a draft report 15 work-days after commencement of the contract.
  • Final evaluation Report: The final evaluation report will be submitted five (5) days after receiving written feedback from the RATN Management and stakeholders.
Competences and Experience
The eligible consultant should demonstrate the following:
  • Proven experience in evaluating similar programmes
  • Good conceptual understanding of RBM and institutional capacity building issues relating to HIV and AIDS
  • A proven record of accomplishing tasks such as this on time
  • Fluency in English
  • Excellent soft skills
Duration of the Assignment
A total of 20 days will be assigned to the consultant. It is estimated that 3 days will be used for preparing for the assignment and inception report, 12 days data collection and 5 days for preparing the evaluation report and subsequent revisions.
How to Apply
Those wishing to be considered for this consultancy should submit the following documents in English to RECABASO Coordinator by email: RECABASO@ratn.org with a copy to ratn@ratn.org, not later than July 16, 2012.
1. A letter of motivation
2. A brief description of the methods that will be used conduct the evaluation
3. Financial Offer
4. Three references of previous evaluation work
Email subject line should be: RECABASO Evaluation
For more information on RECABASO, please visit http://www.ratn.org/recabaso

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