Solidarites International Logistics Coordinator Job in Kenya

Solidarites International is an international humanitarian organization which provides assistance to populations who are victims of armed conflict or natural disasters. 
For 30 years, Solidarites International (SI) has concentrated its action on meeting three vital needs: water, food and shelter. 
By carrying out emergency programs, SI has acquired experience and expertise in the fields of WASH, food security, livelihoods and agriculture.
In the Horn of Africa, SI is currently implementing WASH and Food Security/Livelihoods programs in Kenya and Somalia. 
We are seeking qualified persons to fill the following position:
Logistics Coordinator
Position Objective
The Logistics coordinator is responsible for the proper implementation of logistics procedures in all Kenya and Somalia programs. 
He/she is the technical focal point for all logistics issues for the Kenya / Somalia team, and the primary link between headquarters and the mission for logistics matters.
Location: Kenya/Somalia (based in Nairobi)
Report to: Head of Mission
Technical links with: Field Logistics Team
Supervisor to: Logistics staff in Nairobi base
List of main tasks:
  • To ensure the respect of SI/Donors procurement guidelines and procedures
  • To identify good quality service providers at Kenya’s level
  • To monitor BCI/IOF processing by the procurement manager
  • To check the quality, conformity of the items purchased
  • To draft and update services contracts (Fuel, delivery of bricks, sand…) as well as tenders if needed
  • To conduct regular market assessments of durable equipment in Nairobi and to ensure that market assessments are conducted regularly in each SI base
Management and human resources
  • To supervise, advise and coordinate the Logistics Coordination team in Nairobi
  • To support the field logisticians and program staff in terms of set-up and knowledge of procedures through field training
  • To ensure regular performance evaluations for Nairobi logistics staff.
  • To assess training needs for all logistics staff on the mission and to organize the provision of required training, in close cooperation with the Field Coordinators who directly manage the field logisticians
  • To analyze and report on the needs in terms of Logistics human resources in Nairobi and the field, as well as support requirements from
  • To revise job descriptions as required
  • To lead the recruitment of Logistics staff in Nairobi and to participate in the recruitment of field logistics staff
  • To validate all disciplinary procedures for Nairobi logistics staff with the Administration Coordinator and the HR manager.
  • To validate any changes to the structure of the Nairobi logistics team with the Head of Mission
  • To prepare and conduct audits from a large panel of different donors; ECHO, EUROPAID,DFID,OFDA,UNHCR, CHF
Vehicles Fleet Management
  • To anticipate and plan for vehicles needs in Nairobi
  • To regularly assess the transporters market (taxi, cars, trucks)
  • To manage the drivers in Nairobi
  • To ensure a Log Book is kept for each vehicle in Nairobi
  • To ensure the follow up of the fuel, spare parts and regular technical check-up in Nairobi
  • To analyse cost and consumption of cars, and anticipate technicals or behaviors problems.
  • To be in charge of collecting and compiling the monthly Fuel Consumption follow up for Kenya and Somalia’s bases at the end of each month.
  • To review all aspects of fleet management on each base at least twice per year, providing a report to the HoM and Field Coordinator.
Transport/cargo Management
  • Overall responsibility for the supply chain from Nairobi to the field (planes, trucks) for goods and supplies
  • Overall responsibility for the organization of timely, cost-efficient and safe transport for SI staff from Nairobi to the field and to external destinations (HQ, expat breaks etc)
Stock Management
  • To ensure that the mission Logisticians (field and Nairobi) are aware of SI/Donors procedures and requirements for stock storage.
  • To plan and anticipate the deliveries from Paris/Nairobi to the field in collaboration with the field logisticians. 
  • To ensure the respect of SI internal procedures (IOF/Quotations/Tender/Waybills).
  • Follow up of the durable equipments 
  • To make and update on a daily basis the durable equipment list for Nairobi base.
  • To edit Identification Card for each equipment present in the durable equipment list. 
  • To train staff on the use and care of sensitive/delicate equipment such as Thuraya, HF, VHF, RBgan…
  • To ensure the collection and compilation of monthly durable equiment inventories for Kenya/Somalia bases at the end of each month.
IT Management 
  • To ensure a qualified IT person is available to support the mission on a daily basis 
  • To monitor the proper use of laptops/desktops throughout the mission level. 
  • To ensure the proper use of Antivirus and the systematic backup of data on all computers 
  • To ensure that a cost-effective and functional internet access service is maintained on each base and in Nairobi
  • The HoM and Deputy Country directors have primary responsibility for security management in Kenya and Somalia mission, but the Logistics coordinator plays a key role in security management by providing technical advice and supporting the implementation and monitoring of agreed security actions and procedures. 
  • To help to collect and update on daily basis the information regarding the security environment at the mission level, the recent incidents that have occurred in Kenya, especially Nairobi. 
  • To inform visiting staff and other visiting individuals about the security rules and regulations on the mission 
  • To set up the means of field communications and ensure that all staff know how to use them (VHF, HF, Satellite phones…) 
  • To train all the mission staff in the basic driving rules (speed limits, seatbelt fastened) 
  • To check on the presence of emergency kits at the field level and to advise the Field Coordinator accordingly
Other tasks 
  • To ensure the proper management of the Nairobi Office and expatriate accommodation in term of payment of bills, provision of supplies and cleaning
  • To provide basic back up logistical support to the South Sudan mission (Supply, Transport, Staff movement etc) as requested by South Sudan mission or HQ (provided that this does not exceed a reasonable workload)
Qualifications and experience:
  • Masters Degree in a business related field or any other field relevant to Logistics 
  • Post graduate Diploma in Management in purchasing/logistics/supply will be an added advantage
  • 3 to 5 years of experience within an International NGO, in at least 2 international emergency contexts 
  • Good knowledge of procurement guidelines of the major institutional donors(EU, ECHO, DFID, OFDA) 
  • Minimum 2 years of experience in a similar position at country head office (coordination) 
  • Experience in strategic planning 
  • Previous experience of remote management contexts is an advantage 
  • At least 2 years experience in team management in highly insecure environment(s)
  • Capacity to propose new ideas and put them into action 
  • Good communication and training skills 
  • Ability to motivate others to adopt new ideas and bring about change 
  • Natural ability to connect with other stakeholders and team members 
  • Strong capacity to work independently and with initiative 
  • Good multi-tasking skills 
  • Ability to manage a heavy workload, to delegate tasks/responsibilities and to constantly reassess priorities 
  • Ability to work effectively in a multicultural team 
  • Ability to meet deadlines
Languages: English Knowledge French is an added advantage
Computer skills: Excellent IT skills
How to apply:
Send a cover letter and CV to the following email address: 
Please indicate the job title and location in the email subject line. 
Deadline for applications: 27th July 2012. 
Please note that only shortlisted applicants will be contacted for interview.
Solidarites International is an equal opportunities employer

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