UNDP Review of Policies Relevant to Sustainable Land Management Consultancy

Individual Consultant
Review of Policies Relevant to Sustainable Land Management
Background and Rationale
Unsustainable land use practices have contributed to loss of productive capacities of land and to resultant livelihood insecurity in many parts of Kenya. Evidence of land degradation includes loss of ground cover, deforestation, soil erosion and bush encroachment in the rangelands. 
Land degradation has long term impacts on the environment as it affects biological diversity and increases effects of green house gases. 
Loss of ground cover also contributes to loss of nutrient rich top-soils affecting not only agricultural productivity but also silting of rivers. The soils washed away by the rains and rivers end up in the international waters and are considered as one of the factors that undermine growth of coral reefs in the Indian Ocean.
Thus, land degradation affects both terrestrial and marine life with national and international ramifications.
Though Kenya government has been committal in curbing land degradations, little has been realized in reversing the process. 
Achievement of sustainable land management (SLM) has been hampered by various barriers such as weak policy support, inadequate knowledge and skills. It is notable that most SLM related policies are broad-based in approach excluding the unique nature of the arid and semi-arid lands. 
Moreover, the policy making processes are often lengthy, topdown, and technical in nature excluding key stakeholders i.e. the local communities.
Due to the above factors, participatory review of SLM related policies is considered essential. Local community participation is important for purposes of including local voices in the review and implementation of policies and also as an avenue to contribute to development of efficient and effective sustainable land management.
The overall objective of the consultancy is to support review and revision of key policies pertinent to SLM in a participatory and inclusive manner. 
This is line with, Outcome 3 of the project; ‘The policy, regulatory and institutional arrangement support mainstreaming sustainable land management in the agro-pastoral production system’. 
Under this Outcome, the project aims at enhancing local communities’ participation in planning and implementation of SLM related policies.

Application Procedure
Interested and qualified candidates should submit their application which should include the following:
  • Detailed Curriculum Vitae
  • UNDP Personal History Form (P11)
  • Proposal for implementing the assignment
Please quote “Review of Policies relevant to Sustainable Land Management” on the subject line.
Applications should be emailed to consultants.ken@undp.org to reach us not later than Wednesday, 18 July 2012 at 4.30 p.m. Kenyan Time.
Please see the complete Terms of Reference, the P11 form, the Individual Contract Proposal form and the Terms and Conditions of Individual Contracts under ‘Related Documents’ by visiting the UNDP Kenya
Website: http://www.ke.undp.org/index.php/procurements

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