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Étude Économique Conseil (EEC Canada) is a consulting firm with its headquarters located in Montreal, Canada. EEC Canada intends to carry out a household survey in the next months in Kenya as well as in other regions of the world.

The Household Survey will be conducted by means of face-to-face interviews of the household head and/or another selected person in the household. 

The topics covered will include the characteristics of the household, main occupation, source of income and expenses of the household, the education and health of household members as well as information related to different skills (personality, risk preference, technical skills) and labor issues.

EEC Canada will retain the services of recently-qualified university graduates in Economics and/or Management, Geography, Sociology or Development Studies with a thorough understanding of national accounting systems and who are able to travel, to complete its non-resident team of professional enumerators, supervisors and survey coordinators to implement surveys in Kenya and other regions of the world. 

Experience in surveying would be an asset for enumerators but is imperative for supervisors and coordinators.

EEC Canada will provide short-term training, both web-based, in person and “on the job”, to all those selected. 

Should you wish to offer your services, please send your Resume/CV along with a Cover Letter as soon as possible by email at 
It is very important to identify the subject of your email as: Surveying Services in Kenya: (name the position you are offering your services for).
Kindly indicate in which city/region of Kenya you reside and in which you are offering your services and send only one email per candidate.

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