UNDP Natural Resources Management Specialist National Individual Consultant

National Individual Consultant

Natural Resources Management Specialist for Project Preparation Grant Phase to Formulate Project: Enhancing Wildlife Conservation in the Productive Southern Kenya Rangelands through a Landscape Approach.
Background and Rationale
Despite the high returns from wildlife based tourism and the large baseline of investment in protected area management in Kenya, tension between conservation and development persists in the greater Amboseli ecosystem, where the ecological viability of the PA estate to sustain healthy populations of wildlife is threatened by loss of animal dispersal areas, migratory corridors and drought refugia. 
The greater Amboseli is part of the Maasai lands in the Southern Kenya rangelands where communities continue to perceive conservationists as using a protectionism and segregation approach, contrary to their preferred approach of integration of people and nature, to deliver both development and conservation benefits. 
Here, the high returns from tourism have bypassed the local communities who have borne the high cost of conservation, not only from lost opportunities from the rangelands, but also from damage to crops, livestock and lives, visited on them by legally protected wildlife. 
Additional pressure from growing populations, nationally and locally, has heightened the fear of losing the remaining rangelands, particularly given the inadequate security of tenure for group ranches. 
This has provided a portent incentive for subdividing group ranches, converting them into fenced cultivated land, at the expense of the ecosystem’s ability to provide for both wildlife conservation and livelihoods.
Overall Objective
The overall objective of the consultancy is to put in place a project preparation baseline covering the larger Amboseli ecosystem comprising the rangelands of Southern Kenya. 
The baseline would use a landscape approach to collect data, document and analyze the structure and function of the ecosystem. In doing so special attention will be to socio-economic and ecological dynamics.
Application Procedure
Interested and qualified candidates should submit their application which should include the following:
1. Detailed Curriculum Vitae
2. UNDP Personal History Form (P11) ( template provided)
3. Proposal for implementing the assignment (template provided)
Please quote “Natural Resources Management Specialist – EECCU” on the subject line.
Applications should be emailed to consultants.ken@undp.org to reach us not later than Friday, 10 August 2012 at 12.00 Noon, Kenya Time.
Please see the Terms of Reference, the P11 form, the Individual Contract Proposal form and the Terms and
Conditions of Individual Contracts under by visiting the UNDP Kenya Website:

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