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Applications for Positions of Directors for Western Water Services Company Limited

Lake Victoria North Water Services Board (LVNWSB) is a state corporation established under section 51 of the Water Act 2002. 
It is in the process of recruiting a water service provider as its agent for water and sewerage services provision within Kakamega, Mumias, Butere, Nambale and Busia towns. 
Western Water Services Company Ltd has expressed interest in being contracted and has complied with the corporate governance guidelines issued by Water Services Regulatory Board.

Pursuant to section 4.2.4 of the Corporate Governance Guidelines, Lake Victoria North Water Services Board, on behalf of Western Water Services Company Limited, is inviting applications from interested and qualified persons wishing to represent following stakeholder groups in the Board of Western Water Services Company Limited;
  1. Two (2) members from the business and manufacturing community nominated by their bodies.
  2. One (1) local professional nominated by respective professional organization.
  3. One (1) representative nominated by respective resident organizations.
  4. One (1) member from a women organization nominated from their bodies.
NB: The successful candidates together with four (4) nominees from the Municipal/Town councils of Kakamage, Mumias, Busia and Nambale will constitute the full Board of Directors for the Company.
To be eligible for consideration, the applicant must be:
  1. Literate and numerate to at least O level.
  2. Demonstrate experience and acumen in a business or any profession of at least 7 years.
  3. Demonstrate participation in local development initiatives.
  4. Have experience as change management agent.
  5. A resident of the area served by the company
  6. Must meet the requirement of Chapter 6 of the constitution
  1. Suppliers or other trading associates of the company cannot become directors of the company.
  2. Persons in current professional or social relationships with directors of the company cannot become directors in the company.
Interested persons should submit their applications and curriculum vitae (CV) indicating the stakeholder group and service area to which they belong. 
The application should be submitted in plain and sealed envelope marked “Application for Directorship for Western Water Services Company Ltd” to reach the undersigned on or before 21st August 2012 by close of business.

The Selection Committee,
Western Water Services Company Limited
P.O. Box 673 – 50100, Kakamega,
Tel: 056 – 31552

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