ICAP of Columbia University Jobs in Siaya County Kenya: Technical Advisor, Program Officer, Surgeons, Data Manager / Officer, Community Mobilization Officers, Counselor, Infection Prevention Officers and Admin Assistant

ICAP of Columbia University is working in partnership with the Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation and the Ministry of Medical Services to strengthen HIV Prevention, Care and Treatment services in the country. 
This program is funded by PEPFAR through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). 
Applications are invited for the following positions:

Location: Siaya County with frequent travel to sites

1. VMMC Technical Advisor

The VMMC Technical Advisor will oversee implementation of the VMMC Program at ICAP-supported sites in Nyanza Province. 
S/he will report to the regional Program Director.
Key responsibilities:
  • Oversee the planning and implementation of VMMC program in ICAP-supported districts
  • Supervise VMMC Program Officers, Data Manager, Community, Communication Officer and Administration  Assistant
  • Provide quality assurance and control for the VMMC program in line with national guidelines
  • Provide technical support for QA/QI activities
  • Coordinate procurement of equipment and consumables
  • Coordinate training of staff using an approved curriculum
  • Liaise with Ministry of Health officials and other stakeholders in coordinating implementation of VMMC
  • Assist in any other duty that as may be assigned by the Program Director
  • Medical Doctor with relevant experience in implementation of VMMC Program
  • Excellent planning and managerial skills
  • Dynamic and willing to work under challenging conditions
  • Experience in working with MoH systems
  • Familiarity with USG funding requirements
2. VMMC Program Officer

The VMMC Program Officer will be responsible for day-to-day supervision and implementation of the VMMC program at ICAP-supported sites. 

S/he will report to the VMMC Technical Advisor.

Key responsibilities:

  • Oversee planning and implementation of VMMC Program at ICAP supported sites
  • Conduct clinical training of clinical staff on VMMC and related topics
  • Provide on-job training and mentoring on VMMC to project staff
  • Provide on-going supervision to VMMC teams
  • Ensure high quality standards are maintained in line with the national guidelines
  • Participate in District Male Circumcision steering committees
  • Assist in program monitoring and evaluation
  • Prepare budgets, work plans, reports and other technical documents
  • Ensure timely reporting from the sites
  • Registered Clinical Officer with at least 2 years’ experience in VMMC
  • Trainer of Trainers in VMMC certified by NASCOP
  • Demonstrated leadership and management skills
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Familiarity with USG funding will be an added advantage
3. VMMC Surgeon

The VMMC will be responsible for screening, performing and post op management of VMMC. 

S/he will serve as lead for a 4-person VMMC mobile team and be held accountable for the team’s performance. 
S/he will report to the VMMC Program Officer.

Duties and responsibilities

  • Perform screening and medical evaluation of clients in readiness for VMMC
  • Provide VMMC to eligible clients as per national guidelines
  • Perform post-operative reviews for circumcised clients, including managing any complications and referral as appropriate
  • Provide supervision and support to VMMC staff working at ICAP- supported health facilities
  • Diploma in Clinical Medicine or KRCHN
  • Registered by the Clinical Officers Council/Nursing Council of Kenya
  • Trained and certified on VMMC
  • Have at least 3 years’ experience in VMMC surgery
  • Have demonstrated capacity to serve as a team leader
4. VMMC Assistant Surgeon

The Assistant Surgeon will work as one of the team members on the VMMC team to provide quality VMMC services on a daily basis to ensure the safety of the patient at all times. 

S/he will report to the VMMC Surgeon.

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Assist in the screening of clients and post-operative care
  • Assist surgeon in VMMC
  • Ensure client safety, privacy, infection prevention and other aspects of quality of care
  • Verify and maintain data relating to patients including filling of client forms, registers, drugs and other supplies
  • Kenya Registered Nurse or Kenya Registered Community Health Nurse Diploma
  • Trained and certified on VMMC
  • Have at least two years’ of experience in VMMC service provision
5. VMMC Data Manager
The Data Manager will be responsible all aspects of data management to ensure quality documentation and reporting of VMMC at ICAP-supported sites. 
The Data Manager will report to the VMMC Technical Advisor. 
Duties and Responsibilities
  • Coordinate reporting of program data through standardized reporting tools
  • Participate in data collection and reporting to DHIS and donors
  • Check the quality of data submitted for completeness, consistency and correctness and make follow-up as required
  • Ensure quality program data is reported through DHIS
  • Analyze data for feedback to program, PHMT, DHMT and sites on a quarterly basis
  • Degree in statistics
  • At least 2 year experience in a similar position
  • Excellent statistical analysis skills
6. VMMC Data Officer
The VMMC Data Officer will be responsible for documentation and timely reporting of the program at ICAP supported sites. 
S/he will report to the VMMC Data Manager. 
S/he will report to the VMMC Data Manager. 

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Collect and summarize paper and electronic data from sites
  • Support site staff to record and manage accurate data
  • Assist with compilation of timely, accurate and complete data reporting
  • Assist in supportive supervision for data collection and entry
  • Support on-site training on data entry and reporting
  • Conduct site visits as required, for troubleshooting data issues
  • Assist with  data quality assurance
  • Diploma in Health Records and Information Technology
  • Experience  in Health Records Information
  • Computer  skills including familiarity with MS Excel & MS Access
7. VMMC Community Mobilization Advisor
The VMMC Community Mobilization Advisor will be expected to design and implement community mobilization strategies through existing networks, disseminate appropriate IEC materials and ensure the referral of  clients for VMMC. S/he will report to the VMMC Technical Advisor. 

Duties and responsibilities

  • Lead and coordinates demand creation strategies for VMMC.
  • Supervise VMMC Community Mobilisation Officers
  • Provide overall supervision of VMMC program communication
  • Develop SOPs for community mobilization and communication
  • Work with  MoH and other stakeholders on mobilization for VMMC
  • Developing and reviewing IEC materials
  • Represent ICAP at national and provincial VMMC communication/mobilisation meetings
  • Ensure IECs material for demand creation is available and distributed
  • Lead the document of best practices for VMMC
  • Degree in social sciences, marketing or related experiences
  • Experience in similar position for 2 years
  • Report writing and communication skills
  • Excellent organization and report writing skills
  • Experience in community engagement and social marketing
8. VMMC Community Mobilization Officer
The Community Mobilization Officer will be responsible to mobilize the community  within his/her district through existing networks, disseminate appropriate IEC materials and refer clients for VMMC. 
S/he  will report to the VMMC Community Mobilization Advisor. 

Duties and responsibilities

  • Perform  demand creation activities for VMMC in assigned district
  • Refer clients for VMMC from community to facility
  • Coordinate Peer Educators’ activities related to VMMC promotion and referral
  • Work with MoH and other stakeholders on mobilization for VMMC
  • Represent ICAP at district  VMMC mobilisation meetings
  • Ensure IECs material for demand creation is available and distributed
  • Prepare periodic and timely reports on the district social mobilization activities
  • Diploma in Community Health, Social Work, Community Development or related qualification.
  • Be a respected community leader with reference from the local chief
  • Trained and certified on VMMC Community Mobilization
  • Have at least one years’ experience in VMMC work
  • Demonstrate awareness of guidelines and standard operating protocols and community norms and standards
9. VMMC Counselor
VMMC Counselor will be responsible for counseling of VMMC clients on the VMMC procedure and oversee consent prior to undergoing surgery and address any post-operative counseling issues. 
Sh/e is also responsible for HIV counseling and testing of VMMC clients. 
S/he will report to the VMMC Surgeon Team Leader.  
Duties and responsibilities:
  • Counsel and register all prospective VMMC clients on the procedure and other key messages as per national guidelines
  • Ensure all prospective VMMC clients receive HIV counseling and HIV testing to those who accept
  • Assist with document of client information and compilation of project data
  • Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education
  • Certificate in Voluntary Counseling and Testing from NASCOP
  • Trained and certified on VMMC
  • Have at least two years of experience in counseling VMMC clients
10. Infection Prevention Officers

Infection Prevention Officers will be responsible for maintaining high hygiene standards for the VMMC mobile teams, as well as coordinating surgical instruments sterilization for supplies and equipment.

Duties and responsibilities

  • Manage equipment and supplies before and after VMMC services
  • Ensure a steady supply of sterile MC packs the VMMC team
  • Ensure operating theatres, consultation rooms, and recovery areas are clean and ready for use during and after the VMMC
  • Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education, with higher education preferred.
  • Trained and certified on VMMC
  • Have at least one years’ experience in VMMC work
  • Demonstrate awareness of the Infection Prevention and Universal Precautions guidelines and standard operating protocols
11. VMMC Administrative Assistant
The VMMC Administrative Assistant will assist with all administrative and logistic aspects of the VMMC project.
S/he will report to the Team Lead VMMC Surgeon.  
Duties and responsibilities
  • Manage VMMC commodities and supplies
  • Keep inventory of all VMMC equipment
  • Maintain petty cash for VMMC
  • Organize transport and other logistics for VMMC
  • Facilitates requests from the program to the head office
  • Coordinates office supplies and cleanliness
  • Provides logistical support during training
  • Reviews budgets from field and submits to the finance department
  • Ensures monthly submission of timesheets
  • Diploma in Administration or Business related courses
  • Two year experience in similar position
All applications including a current CV, telephone number and referees should be sent to the HR and Administration Manager, ICAP icap.vacancies@gmail.com before 26th October 2012.  
Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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