Kimetrica Finance Manager Job in Kenya

Issued: 22nd October, 2012

Finance Manager

Overview of Position

Kimetrica was founded in 2006 as a group of companies, based in the Kenya and the US (see, with new offices now being established in other countries. 
The primary clients are the US Government and World Bank. We provide software, research, advisory and training services. 
The company needs to be fully compliant with both US and Kenya tax and accounting laws. 
We handle projects in multiple currencies and of varying degrees of complexity and have recently adopted full project-based accounting and this will be consolidated in 2013.

Kimetrica is seeking a highly motivated and analytical Finance Manager who will report to the Commercial Director and to the Kimetrica Group Board. 
The manager will start on or around 3rd December 2012 and will be responsible for the overall financial management of Kimetrica Group.

Key Tasks

1. Ensure that Kimetrica accounts are up-to-date and accurate:
  • Ensure account consolidation in PROCAS or similar
  • Supervise and review the preparation and update of company and project accounts
  • Prepare and submit annual accounts for audit
2. Oversee and enhance accounts payable and accounts receivable processes focusing on accurate, and timely payments:
  • Review all client contracts
  • Review all sub-contracts and major supplier contracts
  • Oversee payroll and payment of consultants
  • Oversee expense claims and travel processes
  • Oversee payments to suppliers
  • Verify fund availability for project and corporate purchases
  • Oversee invoicing and billing processes
  • Analyze costs and identify savings
3. Ensure full tax compliance in all jurisdictions:
  • Oversee and verify accurate and timely tax returns
  • Set up and monitor systems for regular contributions
  • Advise accountants on tax compliance
4. Oversee banking and fund transfer processes:
  • Manage relations with banks and ensure optimal banking services
  • Negotiate short term loans and credit lines
  • Manage bank signatories and agents
  • Oversee bank reconciliation processes
5. Introduce and oversee financial controls for all staff:
  • Ensure financial and accounting guidelines are accurate and up-to-date
  • Ensure that all employees fully understand financial procedures
  • Review bills and invoices for accuracy and contract compliance
  • Ensure compliance with DCAA and other financial regulations
6. Introduce enhanced budgeting and fund commitment practices:
  • Ensure that overhead, fringe and other key financial parameters are calculated in a timely and accurate fashion
  • Support and oversee the annual budgeting exercise
  • Support project managers to develop project budgets
  • Develop cost and budget models for the core business processes
  • Introduce fund reservation and commitment practices for all procurement and HR transactions
  • Ensure that fund commitments are reflected in expenditure forecasts and cash flow
7. Ensure timely, accurate and appropriate reporting to the Directors and Board:
  • Develop improved financial reporting tools
  • Maintain and update rolling monthly, quarterly and annual financial forecasts (profit, cash flow)
  • Prepare and present financial reports to the Board
  • Ensure quick and accurate responses to data requests from the Directors
8. Advise on the Directors of Kimetrica on all areas of financial management including but not limited to:
  • Financing and cash management strategies
  • Strategies for managing exchange rate risk
  • Options for pension and other fund investments
  • Conduct cost-benefit analysis of investment options
  • Appropriate tools and software for accounting and financial management
  • Asset valuation and protection including insurance
9. Manage the internal and external audit processes:
  • Ensure that annual audits are conducted for each company and that records are submitted in a timely and accurate way
  • Support external and client audit processes
  • Maintain an up-to-date record of audit recommendations and ensure follow up
  • Design and manage internal audits
10. Advise and contribute to costing and cost-benefit studies for Kimetrica clients
11. Manage Kimetrica’s finance team:
  • Develop and implement the annual strategic plan for the Finance Team
  • Ensure Kimetrica has a strong, skilled and motivated Finance Team
  • Line manage Finance Team members
  • Implement performance appraisal for Finance Team members
  • Mentor and coach Finance Team members to ensure that they are fully cognizant of the relevant Kimetrica, client and government accounting, tax, procurement and other laws and regulations
Required Qualifications
  • CPA, CMA, ACCA or equivalent accounting qualification
  • MBA or good university degree in finance or related field
  • A minimum of five years work experience managing accounting or financial personnel
  • Detailed practical knowledge of accounting and financial management laws and practices
  • Strong analytical skills
  • High levels of integrity
  • Excellent computer skills including QuickBooks and Excel
  • Excellent English language communications skills
Desirable Qualifications
  • Experience with US Government contracting and US accounting practices
  • Experience with PROCAS
  • Understanding of non-profit accounting and financial management
  • Knowledge of web-sales and merchandising an advantage
Terms and Conditions
  • Probationary period of 2 months
  • Competitive salary based on market rates, earning history, qualifications and experience
  • Full reimbursement of travel and other expenses
  • Option to work from home part of the week
  • Infrequent travel within region and possibly to US
To Apply

Send an email to with this information:

– An email covering letter including:

  • Header: Application for position of Finance Manager
  • An explanation of how you are suited for the position
  • A breakdown of your annual take home wage specifying the currency for your most recent 2 assignments
  • The names and email contacts of three recent employers who can provide a reference

– A recent CV as an attachment
– DO NOT attach proof of qualifications

Submit by 10 AM GMT Friday 9th November.

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