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Request for Proposals 

Market Research Consultancy

November 9, 2012

To Whom It May Concern:
Jacaranda Health is a social venture that aims to set a new standard for maternity care in East Africa.
We are combining business and clinical innovations to provide affordable maternity and reproductive health services to low-income urban women. 
We are launching our first clinics in Nairobi this year, and plan to expand to other locations in the region, with the ultimate goal of being East Africa’s largest low-cost, high quality maternity chain.
As part of our ongoing operations, Jacaranda conducts research about our clients and target markets through a variety of approaches, including surveys, focus groups, and interviews. 
This information has informed our growth and service offerings to date. 
As we enter our next phase of expansion, we are seeking the services of a market research consultant or firm to augment our existing knowledge base.
Specifically, we want to better understand the process by which women in our target market make decisions about where to access maternity services. 
This includes questions such as:
  • How physical and/or customer service characteristics of health facilities affect their choices
  • How the influence of friends or relatives affects their choices (with a particular emphasis on the role of the husband/partner)
  • Under what conditions women seek out higher value for money in a facility choice, rather than deciding based on cost
  • What sales and marketing strategies are most effective with this group, including testing the content of marketing materials as well as the effectiveness of different channels (both above and below the line)
  • What specific “profiles” exist within our target group; e.g., how answers to the above vary based on number of past pregnancies, type of employment, geographic location, etc.
We are open to a range of methods for gathering insights against these questions. 
To submit your interest, please send the following to procurement@jacarandahealth.org with the subject line “RFP – Market Research”:
  • Name and details of yourself and your firm (if applicable)
  • Description of primary areas of expertise
  • List of other organizations with whom you have worked on similar projects (with a particular emphasis on low-income urban markets, and on research on health services)
  • Outline of proposed workplan, including key steps and milestones to be achieved
  • Timeline and budget for project, and any elements of the scope of work that could be added/removed to affect the budget
  •  Names and contact details of three past clients as references
With any questions please contact procurement@jacarandahealth.org. 
Preference will be given to submissions received by Wednesday, November 21st, 2012.

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