Carolina for Kibera Consultancy to Develop Life Skills Training Curriculum

Work Readiness Programme

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Consultancy to Develop Life Skills Training Curriculum

Ref. No:  WRP 001

Context: the Work Readiness Programme

Carolina for Kibera is implementing a Work Readiness programme in partnership with University of North Carolina. The programme is aimed to equip young people with skills and experience that prepare them to work, lead, and contribute to development efforts. 

It has three objectives: increased capacity of interns through training and mentoring; expanded internship opportunities for young people and encourage the culture of saving and asset building.

Through the pilot programme 60 young people aged 18-30 years will access internship opportunities with different implementing partners from Corporate, Non- Governmental Organizations and Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise. This number is to be increased in subsequent cycles of the program. 

It will be implemented from April 2014 to March 2015. There will be two cycles of youth interns; cycle one (April 2014 to September 2014) and cycle two (October 2014 to March 2015). 
The project seeks to provide training of up to 12 weeks as follows; 2 weeks of Life Skills Training, 5 weeks of Foundation Business Skills Training and 5 weeks of Industry Specific Training. 
After this the youth will be placed with various employers for a further 3 months of workplace experience/internship.

Two weeks of Life skills training will be delivered to the young people participating in the programme before their internship begins. 

The training will be held in Nairobi and facilitated by Carolina for Kibera project team with support from employers and other partners. 
The Life skills training will cover communication, leadership, self esteem, conflict resolution, decision making/problem solving but also as occupational hazard, sexual education, hygiene, and basic first aid.
It will include exposure visits to employers, talks by employers, and opportunities for peer mentoring.

CFK is recruiting a consultant to develop the Life Skills curriculum to be delivered during the training. 

The consultant will also develop a participant handbook and run the training program for the interns for the stipulated 2 weeks.
Assignment Objectives

The primary objectives are:

  • To develop the training curriculum that will be delivered to the young people participating in the programme before they begin their internship.
  • To develop an accompanying participant handbook for the training. This handbook will act as a resource for the young people throughout their internship.
  • To design and deliver training for the interns for a period of 2 weeks.
Key Deliverables

The key deliverables are described below.

1. A life skills training curriculum. The curriculum will focus on developing the knowledge and skills that young people require to transition into employment.

Life skills training will include cover communication, leadership, self esteem, conflict resolution, decision making/problem solving but also as occupational hazard, sexual education, hygiene, and basic first aid.

The curriculum will be highly interactive and participatory, using real life situations. The templates required for the various activities and exercises will be annexed. This includes pre- and post-tests to assess participant knowledge and skill acquisition.

2. A handbook for participants to support their participation during the training and afterwards, during their internship placement. The handbook will cover the following:

  • A short summary of the key information covered during each Life skills training session,
  • Additional tips, information and guidance that will be useful for the young people after they have concluded the training and begun their internship.
3. Two week training to the interns on Life skills.

It is envisaged that the consultancy will require a total of approximately 30 working days (20 working days for curriculum development and 10 working days for training). 

The two key deliverables must be completed by 4th March 2014 at the latest. 
A tentative timeline for this consultancy is presented below. This will be finalized with the consultant.
Qualifications and Experience Required

The consultant(s) will have:

  • Demonstrable experience designing and delivering training curriculum to youth audiences, including on youth employability.
  • Experience of interactive and innovative training approaches engaging young people.
  • Experience working on/supporting youth employability programmes
  • Excellent knowledge of current trends, opportunities and challenges in relation to youth employment in Kenya. This includes an understanding of both youth and employer needs.
The consultant (s) is requested to submit a brief expression of interest (no more than 5 pages) including the following: outline proposed structure of the curriculum and handbook; estimated budget; relevant experience; and two referees.

Proposals should be submitted to quoting the REFERENCE NUMBER and will be assessed by a panel on the basis of: proposed design; consultant profile outlining experience and track record; and realistic costing.

Deadline for receipt of EOI is 6th February 2014.

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