Expression of Interest for Consultancy Services for the Mid-Term Review of KIPPRA Phase III Project

Expression of Interest for Consultancy Services for the Mid-Term Review of KIPPRA Phase III Project

1. Introduction

The Kenya Institute for Public Policy Research and Analysis (KIPPRA) is a State Corporation mandated to support the Government of Kenya through policy research and analysis and capacity building in order to improve public policy making towards achievement of national development goals.

KIPPRA has received a grant from the African Capacity Building Foundation (the ACBF) towards the cost of consultancy services for the Mid-term review of KIPPRA Phase III project and intends to apply a portion of the proceeds of this grant to eligible payments under the contract for Consultancy Services.

2. The Mid-Term Review
ACBF and KIPPRA plans to conduct a Mid-Term Review (MTR) of the Phase III project during January/March 2014 to assess performance as well as draw lessons for continuous learning and knowledge generation. 
The review will also provide an opportunity for an objective assessment of results in relation to the objectives, and later identify ways to enhance project performance.
3. Goal and Objectives of the Review
The goal of the MTR is to assess and determine the extent to which the KIPPRA-III project has successfully or otherwise built sustainable national capacity to improve the quality and timeliness of public policies in Kenya. The specific objectives of the Mid-Term Review are to:
(i). Analyze the main assumptions/hypotheses of the design of the project in order to determine their continuing validity; Assess the extent to which the project has contributed to:
a. Enhancing capacity of KIPPRA to produce quality research and policy support to Government and other stakeholders;
b. Strengthening capacity of Government, private sector and civil society in policy formulation and analysis;
c. Enhancing KIPPRA‟s communication capacity to enable the Institute respond to national policy issues;
d. Strengthening the Institute’s partnerships and networks; and
e. Enhancing KIPPRA‟s institutional capacity in order to effectively support the policy process and ensure its sustainability.
(ii). Assess the project’s disbursement performance and compare/match the rate of disbursement with outputs or activities achieved, resource mobilization efforts in light of KIPPRA-III’s funding structure and long term sustainability.
(iii) Assess the efficiency and cost effectiveness of KIPPRA-III’s financial management system and the extent to which it supports sound financial management practice and responds to ACBF Financial and Disbursements rules and procedures. The review should in particular evaluate progress regarding the project consolidated financial records, particularly the income statements, to provide KIPPRA-III’s overall financial situation and enhanced accountability. In addition the review will examine procurement procedures for transparency and accountability for results;
(iv) Assess the effectiveness of KIPPRA-III’s governance and management organs in guiding and overseeing the implementation of the projects’ activities, including review of internal management issues – special attention should be paid to issues of financial management and budget operationalization;
(v) Identify bottlenecks that might hinder project implementation or opportunities that can improve the performance of the project;
(vi). Recommend any adjustments necessary to improve efficiency, effectiveness and impact of the project.
(vii) Review the project’s experiences with a view to drawing and documenting specific achievements or results delivered, constraints, and lessons learnt (itemized individual lessons, failed cases as well as best practices) from implementing the KIPPRA-III project and make recommendations from an independent point of view;
(viii) Assess the extent to which the KIPPRA-III project has continued demand, relevance, need, feasibility and sustainability in the future and provide an independent opinion on what should be the focus of future KIPPRA-III capacity building programs, as well as on the long-term institutional, financial, and managerial and program sustainability of the KIPPRA-III project.
4. Consultant Profile
The assignment will be undertaken by a consultant with the following profile:
  • He/She shall be an external/independent professional contracted by ACBF. He/she will have competencies and skills in the management, evaluation and monitoring of national policy think tanks and institutions and extensive experience and knowledge in the area/s of review, including research, management, financial, human resource management, governance and institutional/organizational issues;
  • The consultant shall have a minimum of postgraduate qualification in Economics, Development Management, Social Sciences or equivalent and professional background/experience of not less than 10 years; and
  • He/she should be able to meet deadlines and deliver high quality product/s: the mid-term Review Report with clearly identified achievements, constraints, lessons learnt, recommendations for future corrective action with proposition of strategies for enhancing efficiency and effectiveness to promote delivery of impact results, continued institutional relevance and sustainability.
5. Review Outputs
The expected output of the consultancy is a high-quality review report with practical recommendations. 
The overall report should provide for a performance assessment, an assessment of institutional capacity of KIPPRA-III, policy and management procedures, governance system, Finance and Accounting, Human resources and Communication, program operational manuals and procedures, recommendations on targets and indicators for various institutional areas, lessons learnt and recommendations for improved implementation of KIPPRA-III’s operations.
5.1 Time Frame
The MTR of the KIPPRA-III project shall be undertaken during January/March 2014 (with the deadline of submitting the final report being set 20 days from the signing of the Consultancy contract by both parties) with the Reviewer being paid for 20 days.

A Consultant will be selected in accordance with the procedures set out in the African Capacity Building Foundation’s Procurement Guidelines for Grant Recipients (July 2011), which can be downloaded from the ACBF website:

Expression of Interest should be submitted in a plain sealed envelope clearly marked ‘EXPRESSION OF INTEREST FOR MID-TERM REVIEW OF KIPPRA III PROJECT’.
Interested individual consultants may obtain further information and details from the address below during office working hours 0800h to 1700h from Monday to Friday except public holidays in Kenya.

Expression of Interest together with individual consultant’s detailed CV and daily rate in Kshs MUST be received in hard copy at the address below not later than 23rd January, 2014 at 1100h, and addressed to

The Executive Director
Kenya Institute for Public Policy Research and Analysis
P.O. Box 56445-00200, 
Nairobi, Kenya

Bishops Garden Towers, Bishops Road

Tel: +254 20 2719933/4, 2714714/5,2721654,2721110

Cell: 0724 256078,0736 712724 Fax: +254 20 2719951

A detailed Terms of Reference is downloadable from KIPPRA’s website at

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