KARMA Turkana Expansion of Naoyatiira, Naoyaregae and Kapelibok Irrigation Schemes Invitation for Bids

Kaputir Resource Management Association

Invitation for Bids (IFB)

Kaputir Resource Management Association (KARMA-Turkana), a local CBO implements sustainable community driven projects in the areas of food security, income generation, environmental governance, peace and reconciliation among the agro pastoralist community of Turkana County.

KARMA-Turkana received support from United States Africa Development Foundation (US ADF) for   expansion of Naoyatiira, Naoyaregae and Kapelibok Irrigation schemes in effort to reduce poverty, increase employment, food security and access products to markets of former cattle herders who have since resorted to agriculture.  

KARMA works in consultation with CEZAM and associates in implementing Turkana Food security Programme, The project area has several existing furrow irrigation schemes developed by the local community and other development partners.

The scope of work required for all the three irrigation schemes entails supply, installation and commissioning of 1 set of Center Pivot Irrigation Systems (CPIS) at each of the three irrigation schemes.
The three irrigation schemes (Kapelibok, Naoyaregae and Naoyatiira) are located in areas that are insecure with inadequate internet connectivity and communication. There are low levels of literacy among the scheme members that will require lots of translation to enhance communication and understanding. Use of Kiswahili language is highly recommended.
KARMA office is located at Kaputir Trading Centre (Turkana County) located off Kainuk-Kalemng’orok Road along Lodwar-Kitale highway It is open during working hours (8.15 a.m. – 5.00 pm, Mon-Fri).
Mandatory site visits and purchase of tender documents will happen on 3rd February 2014 beginning at 9.00 am for all the respective farms (Naoyaregae, Naoyatiira and Kapelibok).  The costs of visiting the Site shall be borne by the bidders. Any foreign bidder must send a local representative to the mandatory site visit on their behalf.

Completed tender documents written in English are to be enclosed in plain sealed envelopes clearly marked Invitation for Bids and Reference Number and deposited in the Tender Box provided at the reception, KARMA offices or sent to the address shown below through G4S or Wells Fargo Couriers that serve the region) so as to reach us on or before 3rd March 2014 at 12.00pm.  

IFB documents shall be opened on 10th March 2014 at KARMA Office in the presence of bidder’s representatives willing to attend.


Kapelibok Irrigation scheme is on the west bank of river Turkwel, Nakwamoru sub location, Kaputir Location. It can be reached through Kainuk Lorokon road, Lodwar-Kotaruk-Lorokon road. The farm as a total acreage of 1500 acres. Centre pivot irrigation shall cover between 84 and 125 acres.


Naoyatiira Irrigation scheme is on the east bank of river Turkwel, Nakwamoru sub location, Kaputir Location. It can be reached through Lodwar Kitale road. The farm as a total acreage of 50 acres. Centre pivot irrigation shall cover  between 36 and 40 acres


Naoyaregae Irrigation scheme is on the east bank of river Turkwel, Nakwamoru sub location, Kaputir Location. It can be reached through Lodwar Kitale road. The farm as a total acreage of 1500 acres. Centre pivot irrigation shall cover between 84 and 125 acres.

The details of the scope of works for each of the three irrigation schemes will involve the following:

  • Design the most suitable structure that shall be commercially viable, with low maintenance costs and minimal expert supervision;
  • Supply equipment, install and commission  a maximum 6 span centre pivot irrigation systems( Naoyaregae and Kapelibok) and  at least one  for Naoyatiira
  • Supply, lay and test all mainline and in-field irrigation equipment;
  • Supply and install all related electrical equipment and works, and undertake related commissioning and testing requirements;
  • Undertake all necessary civil works including pump house and suction mains;
  • Train personnel  and  block leaders to operate, troubleshoot on basic maintenance and  run the irrigation systems;
  • Bush clearing and creation of access roads in the respective farms;
  • Creation of water diverts or cut-off drains to control surface run-off and soil erosion at some sections of the farm.
Minimum Requirements

KARMA-Turkana, invites eligible firms to submit complete IFBs to provide the above mentioned services. 
Eligible bidders MUST meet the following minimum requirements. 
Interested firms must provide information as indication that they are qualified to perform the task. 
Bids from reputable firms should meet the following minimum requirements:-
i. Original letter of submitting the IFB
ii. A copy of registration certificate with the National Construction Authority (NCA) from class NCA 6 and above;
iii. A copy of valid Tax Compliance certificate
iv. VAT number (copy)
v. The IFBs for each of the irrigation schemes quoted should be clearly separated as 
A technical and 
B financial proposal ; 
i. Demonstrated experience on installation of centre pivots under similar acreage with proof of between 15 to 20 installations and clients; within the last five years minimum. Provide details of clients who may be contacted for further information to give specified experience and attach completion certificates;
ii. Copies of audited accounts for the last three years (attach report of audited accounts for 2010, 2011 and 2012);
iii. Experience of competent and qualified personnel for specific type of works of a similar nature, magnitude and complexity (attach copies of CVs and certificates of the staff who will be employed if the tender is successful);
iv. Details of contractors equipment and plants or proposals for the timely acquisition (own, lease, hire, etc.) of the essential equipment that will be used during construction works;
v. Demonstration of availability of adequate funding for supply and construction( provide a bid security of 2% of the quoted sum  in form of bank guarantee)
vi. Acceptance to receive payments in tranches. No more than 30% of the total value of the service agreement will be released upon signing of a service agreement. Subsequent payments will be based on completion of deliverables, and negotiated at the time of signing of service agreement. A final payment with 10% of the contractor’s total will be withheld for a liability period of six months.
NB Those firms that had  conducted  site visit  on 6th January are not required to conduct another visit but consider the new  timelines

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