Supplier Manager (East Africa) Job in Nairobi, Kenya – TNS RMS East Africa

The (my) Job: Supplier  Manager  – East Africa

Who I report to: Head of Field

Where the job is based: Nairobi, Kenya

The purpose of the job:

  • To manage TNS RMS’s 3rd Party Suppliers/ Contractors, managing contracts (projects) for TNS RMS within East, Central and Southern African markets, excluding Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.
  • To supervise and manage the data collection for all quantitative, qualitative and any other form of research projects, conducted within these countries by the elected Suppliers.
  • To ensure that the service delivered by our Suppliers, is done so with efficiency, flexibility, producing quality work, on deadline, within quota requirements, taking into account the budgetary parameters.
  • Manage and prepare contracts for and with TNS’ Suppliers.
  • Perform comprehensive project management of the Suppliers to ensure delivery of high-quality project results, meeting TNS KPIs and Client SLAs.
  • Perform data driven analysis on project and performance metrics to optimize project execution effectiveness and on which to base Supplier payment.
  • Work closely with the Suppliers’ Managers and Field personnel to ensure interviewers receive training and support for our Client projects.
  • Interface closely with Client Service Teams on project scope, parameters, timelines, and expectations.
  • Responsible for the management of internal and MCP Hub vetting.
  • Build and document a 3rd Party supplier handbook
What this job has to deliver: Department Management as per objectives set [budget, timings, deadlines, etc]
  • Calculate and/or supervises the field costs of quantitative studies
  • Prepare and/ or supervise the preparation of projects for the various Operations services.
  • Organize Fieldwork subcontracting and logistics (quotation – costs demands, choice of the subcontractor, relationship with the subcontractor, briefing, project status) for studies.
  • Ensure timing and quotas are respected
  • Make summarized reports of fieldwork feedback for every project (project status and exception reporting – daily: PAPI, CAPI, CATI, CAWI)
  • Prepare, send and/ or supervise the fieldwork updates that are analysed by Client Services (progress/ status reports)
  • Suggest improvements to standard processes of supplier management
  • Process and requirement for courier of docs/ equipment across borders.
  • Custom requirements for courier of CAPI devices across our markets of operations
  • Budget management of each Supplier’s quotation and spend vs. the actuality on the ground.
  • Cost Manual for Africa Countries.
  • Strong relationship with the TNS Costing Team.
  • Involvement and review in the quotation submitted by the Supplier for the CEF (interrogation of the cost).
  • Support an environment of work excellence by ensuring own performance is consistently optimal
  • Advisor for the Suppliers
  • Advisor for the TNS departments on how best to manage and execute a project in Africa
  • Constructively bring attention to issues of poor performance within Suppliers and suggests possible solutions
  • Requests technical support / back up / by Team Members
Client service team relationship development
  • Seeks to build inter-departmental relationships productively
  • Interacts effectively with varying levels with different backgrounds and perspectives
Key challenges & opportunities
  • Creative and decisive under pressure
  • Acute flexibility and adaptability
  • Manage diversity in a complex context
The scope of the job: Number of people reporting to this job: 5-7 (indirectly)

Financial: Recommending:  [Size of P&L responsibility, budget targets, growth targets]

Contacts: Regular extensive contact within department and with other departments such as research, project logistics and field.

The Knowledge and skills needed for success:    

  • Relevant Degree/Diploma
  • Field Interviewing Experience across methodology type
  • Management : Client Management experience
  • Quantitative Research Process with specific questionnaire and research design knowledge
  • Conversant with budgets, timings and quotas [commercial]
Key Skills:
  • Team leadership: Orient/train others;
  • Communication skills
  • Technical – as per job
  • Analysis, troubleshooting, decision-making: Varied: establish general objectives relative to project; independent judgment required
  • Planning and organising
  • Ability to manage numerous projects simultaneously
  • High sense of customer service
  • Project related complex decision making: Ability to make propositions
  • Detail focus
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