Third Party Insurance Legal Officer Job in Nairobi, Kenya

Position Title: Legal Officer – Third Party Insurance
Office Location: Nairobi, Kenya

Organization Profile: Our client is a leading provider of innovative, reliable and affordable motor insurance services backed by unmatched service for over 10 years in the transport industry. 

They seek to improve their services by employing professionals who are experts in the above vacancy.

Roles and Responsibilities

1. Management and co-ordination
  • Manage and co-ordinate the Company advocates within the allocated team and make periodical reports on any issues arising for consideration by the management.
  • Manage and maintain good relations with the Company advocates and service providers to ensure that the company’s strategy on the court case or claim is not prejudiced.
  • To attend weekly meetings or such other necessary meetings with respective legal teams together with the Head of Firm or Deputy Head of Firm for purposes of discussing and confirming the strategy on matters coming up for hearing in the succeeding weeks and reviewing the progress of the matters in the previous weeks.
  • Auditing the quality of pleadings and court presentation from the Company advocates and preparing reports and recommendations thereof.
2. Legal files management and approvals
  • Thorough and detailed analysis of claim documents to enable early fraud detection and to effectively address the fraudulent claims within the company’s policies and guidelines
  • Manage the legal files within the allocated portfolio and ensure that the correct and timely strategy is in place at least two weeks before the hearing date
  • Track progress of all sensitive matters within the allocated portfolio and provide update reports on the same.
  • Approval on negotiation strategy for the matters proposed for settlements by the Company Advocates and where necessary carrying out the negotiations with Third Party Advocates
  • Ensure that accurate and timely legal opinions are prepared by the company advocates for your approval and where necessary, give appropriate recommendations on the same
  • Proper and timely analysis of claims documents to detect fraud and providing effective guidance towards a successful defense in court
  • Liaise with the Company Advocates and ensure that all the necessary witnesses are available to attend court and the relevant documentary evidence is procured fourteen (14) days before the court hearing date.
  • Ensure that the matters with no valid defense in court are approved for settlement and negotiations completed at least 30 days before the hearing date
  • To carry out periodic reviews and ensure correct data is Posted in the system on legal files under your allocated portfolio
  • To ensure the Legal files under your allocated portfolio carry the correct claim reserve at all times
  • To Approve Journal Vouchers on reserve adjustments and ensure they are forward them to the accounts department for second approval within 24hrs of approving them
  • To track all matters with judgments and ensure appropriate action is done and where executions have commenced promptly deal with the auctioneers and protect the insured’s interests as well as the business interests of the Company. This has to be done within 24 hours of receipt of the court warrants and insured updated on measures taken and copies of the warrants availed to the Managing Director, Claims Director and General Manager-Claims for information and follow up.
  • Conducting proper factual and legal research required for achievement of the strategy on the court cases
3. Reports
  • Prepare monthly reports on the progress matters within the allocated portfolio
4. Investigations and injury verifications
  • Liaise with the investigation department and follow up on any pending reports before the approval of any strategy
  • Liaise with the Medical department and ensure that claimants have been booked for re-exam and where they have been re-examined follow up on the pending medical reports before approval of any strategy.
5. General Duties
  • Conducting legal and other forms of relevant training
  • Participate and offer valuable advice to the Company and Departmental Committees which you are nominated or elected to
  • Signing the relevant court papers and documents submitted by our advocates for purposes of executing the approved strategy on a file
  • Attending court to represent the Company as a witness or any other capacity as may be approved by the Company
  • Maintain highest level confidentiality concerning the sensitive, strategic and integral legal and other information, data, decisions and developments taking place at the company.
  • Monitoring changes in relevant legislation and the regulatory environment, and advising the company on the impact of such changes.
  • Any other duties that maybe assigned from time to time
Experience and Qualifications
  • Bachelors of Laws Degree, Diploma in Law(KSL),
  • Admission as an Advocate with a current practicing Certificate,
  • 3 Years Post Admission experience in Litigation one of which must be in a Law Firm of good standing,
  • Experience or knowledge in handling running down matters
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