AAH Kenya Fish Farming Video Documentary Editing Consultancy in Mara, Kenya

Terms of reference for editing a video documentary on fish farming in Mara, Kenya
1. About AAH Kenya
AAH Kenya is an affiliate country programme of Action Africa Help International (AAH-I) which has been operating in East and Southern Africa region for 25 years.
AAH Kenya is addressing development challenges in partnership with marginalised Kenyan communities mainly living in low income urban and rural settings including Arid and Semiarid Areas (ASALs).

It has been working since 2005 in Narok County under the flagship ‘Improving the Standard of Living of Pastoralist Communities in Mara Division’ programme covering water, education and health sectors in the 14 sub-locations of Mara Division. 
The programme has effectively utilised a strong community-based approach, working with local community development committees and the Mara Division Development Programme (MDDP).
In 2012, the programme launched an expanded mandate covering more interventions and other regions in Kenya. 
Most recently, AAH Kenya the programme has expanded to incorporate the Mara Enterprise Development project that is a two-year project that aims to support development of an ‘entrepreneurial mind-set’ in community members and is primarily working with livestock keepers, women traders and the youth to improve their economic well-being.

2. Justification and objective of the assignment
AAH Kenya through its programme department is eager to strengthen its documentation capability in line with the current project implementation cycle. 
The project team would therefore like to document key milestones in the improving of the quality of life of the livelihood challenged communities through its fish farming project.
In order to realise this goal, AAH Kenya is seeking the services of video editor to consolidate and summarise raw footage that had previously been shot into a 5-7 minute trailer.

3. Scope of work
The consultant will undertake the following tasks:
  • Review and edit the existing raw footage into a 5-7 minute trailer.
  • Work with the project team to voice the trailer.
  • Provide five copies of DVDs of the trailer.
4. Deliverables
Within the stated period, the consultant is expected to provide the following outputs:
  • Five DVD copies of the trailer.
5. Institutional Arrangement
AAH-I expects the editor to work closely with the project and communications team.
6. Time frame
This assignment is expected to take place over a period of two weeks starting 15th February 2016. 
The first draft will be provided by 22nd February 2016 and finalized by 29th February 2016.

7. Proposal
Interested consultants must include in their submission a proposal detailing both technical and financial aspects to include:
  • Understanding and interpretation of the TOR.
  • Approach to be used in undertaking the assignment.
  • Time and activity schedule.
  • Curriculum vitae of key personnel.
  • Financial – a clear cost proposal in Kshs. for the consultancy.
  • Samples of previous work.
8. Submission of Proposal
The proposals should be emailed to the address here below by 8th February 2016.
Email Address: procurement@actionafricahelp.org
9. Evaluation and Award of Consultancy
AAH-I will evaluate the proposals and award the assignment based on technical and financial feasibility. 
AAH-I reserves the right to accept or reject any proposal received without giving reasons and is not bound to accept the lowest or the highest bidder.

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