Hakijamii Website & Social Platform Officer Job in Kenya

Economic and Social Rights Centre (Hakijamii)
Website & Social Platform Officer
Organization Overview: Economic and Social Rights Centre (Hakijamii) is a national human rights organization that works with marginalized groups to claim their economic, social and cultural rights and improve their likelihoods. It is registered as NGO under the NGO Coordination Act. 
It is headed by an Executive Director who reports to a Board of Directors. 
With a secretariat in Nairobi, the organization has strategic community partners in Nairobi, Kisumu, Kitale, Eldoret, Garissa, Kakamega, Kisii, Migori, HomaBay, Turkana, Lamu and Mombasa.


Hakijamii envisions a society that is free of discrimination, exploitation and injustice and its mission is to strengthen the capacity of people’s organizations to effective and directly participate in advocating and realizing their economic, social and cultural rights in Kenya. 
Throughout its existence the organization has been guided by the goal of promoting social movements to engage in realising and promoting human rights-centred practices and policies. 
Its strategic objectives are:
  • The progressive realization of economic and social rights through enhanced participatory and accountable policy, legislative and making using of national and international instruments.
  • Partner communities effectively advocating for the realization of economic, social and cultural rights in Kenya using enhanced capacities and knowledge
  • Vibrant and effective national and international networks and partnerships to strengthen advocacy for ESC right, improve knowledge and develop human rights-based approaches.
  • Hakijamii as recognized reference centre for information on policymaking and programming on economic, social and cultural rights issues in Kenya
Since inception Hakijamii has been expanding its work to address the new opportunities and challenges presented by Constitution and faced by marginalized community groups. 
To this end the organization has initiated an online advocacy campaigns on economic and social rights through its social platforms (Facebook, website, twitter and sms platform) an intervention is aimed at reaching out to a larger audience and providing an interactive platform to share best practices and share views.

Hakijamii now seeks to recruit a Website & Social Platform officer for one year.

Purpose: The purpose of this position is to support delivery of overall work of the organization on policy implementation, advocacy, information sharing and advising community members on matters ESC rights. 

This aims to assist the organization reach a greater audience and help community groups take initiative to address their own problems.

The role will involve social platform awareness creation, information sharing, holding regular discussion on thematic areas of our work and emerging community issues within our jurisdiction.

Nature & Scope: The Organization’s social platform is intended to reach all walks of life including the marginalized, youth women, the middle class and the public at large.

Core Responsibilities

  • In collaboration with the Programme Officers, the Website and Social Platform Intern will review and produce a short, concise but clearly focused advocacy strategy that defines the key advocacy messages, desired policy outcomes and proposed tactics for realization of ESC rights.
  • Develop and implement an online advocacy strategy
  • Play a key role in information dissemination through our website and social platforms
  • Update Hakijamii social platform.
  • Ensure effective and successful planning, monitoring and management of advocacy, communications and dissemination work
  • Coordinate the collection, analysis, and dissemination of pertinent information regarding policy issues and practices on ESC Rights.
  • To work with lead program officer to identify opportunities to help raise the profile of Hakijamii
  • Ensure best practice case studies are produced in a timely manner and communicated internally and externally.
  • Prepare and update all communications and advocacy materials, including content for web pages, media articles and information material for workshops, conferences and other communication events
  • Discussing and sourcing data and information that is to be included in newsletters, Research and verify information that is to be included in reports, brochures, newsletters or other written material or film, to write a broad range of communications for both print and electronic channels, film or radio, taking deadlines and changing priorities into consideration,
  • To review design and proof check publication to be uploaded on the website and online under tight deadlines.
  • Reviewing newspapers and media industries topical issues related to Economic and socio-cultural rights.
Qualifications and Attributes

Website and Social Platform Intern will have the following broad skill-set and attributes:

  • A first University degree in Journalism, Communications/ Mass Media, Law or Sociology.
  • 1 year related work experience.
  • Practical experience in web design and social platform management
  • Experience using and/or organizing media relations, web/mobile/social media, print and public events
  • Keen interest and commitment to advancing the rights of marginalized particularly in relation to their economic and social rights.
  • Experience in conducting training on effective online communications and advocacy
  • Knowledge on community development and human rights
  • Experience in using web-based tools to enhance communication capacity and advocacy
  • Ability to work ,communicate and advocate with a broad range of stakeholders including policymakers, government officials, NGOs, the media and community representatives
  • Strong ability to engage with communities and capability in being proactive to organize community outreach activities
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills with excellent writing style and good knowledge and practical use of both English and Kiswahili.
  • Proficient in Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Ability to support the advancement of the Hakijamii Networks as a broad civil-society community in the pursuit of increase assess to economic and social rights..
  • Adaptable, flexible, able to take advocacy initiative and prioritize amongst competing demands
How to Apply:

Applicants should submit their applications and C.V in electronic format to:

The Director

Economic & Social Rights Centre-Hakijamii
P.O. Box 11356-00100


Applications to be received on or before the close of business on 26th of January 2016

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