Security Technology Company General Manager, Product Champions and Account Executives Jobs in Kenya

Our client is a newly established company with dealerships for security technology products in the region. The company aims to take up a significant market share in dealership of top quality security technology products. 
As such, we are looking to put together a team with a can-do attitude and a commitment to work together to deliver the regional market. 
Our promise is that you will find a great place to work in if you are the right kind of person for the team, and you will grow with the company.
The following positions are up for grabs in the shortest time possible:
General Manager 


(1 Position)
You are a lady or gentleman who believes in growth and is willing to stretch themselves to prove their worth. 
The domain of operation is technology products for the security industry, with lucrative exclusive and non-exclusive dealerships in the region.
You will be in mid-career, perhaps 3 to 5 years with growing responsibility to a fairly senior position. 
You will have an inclination towards sales and marketing, with good exposure to dealing in technology products. 
A bachelor’s degree in a relevant field, plus professional certification are a must.
An MBA will be an added advantage. 
Proven ability to put together and grow a team are critical to your success.
Starting with a moderate salary range, dependent on qualification and experience, you will grow your salary based on performance, and ultimately take up stake in the business. 
You therefore will be someone who wants to settle and grow their career and life over the long haul.
Product Champions (2 Positions)
You have at least two years in sales and marketing. 
You understand the language of channels and distribution. 
You have proved that you can take on a product and run with it to conquer the market. 
You have some experience with fire and security products. 
And of course you have a degree to prove that you are teachable. Great!
Now apply to join our growing team of men and women who want to grow their careers and make the company a great company to work for! 
We choose your starting salary, you choose how far you want it to grow through your capacity to deliver growth in product sales. 
Account Executives 
(3 Positions)
You are perhaps a fresh graduate eager to grow a career in sales and marketing. 
You are NOT just looking for a job, but have a genuine interest in marketing and you enjoy making a sale. 
But what gives you more joy is following up on that customer and get them to make a second purchase… and a third… and a fourth!
If you have a year or two of experience in account management tucked under your belt, it makes you all the more interesting to talk to. 
But if not, fear not, just come and convince us you can be a winner.
You will need to convince us that you have some entrepreneurship DNA in you because we expect you to grow your clients and grow with the business to a point where you can be a GM in five years. 
You must have strong interest in technology as you will be dealing with tech products for security.
Apply Now!
Write to us and convince us you deserve to be part of this growing team! 
Just send your CV and cover letter to to reach us not later than Friday 8th January 2016.

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