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Terms of Reference for a Quantity Surveyor for AAH-I Proposed Office New Building Fit Out At Nachu Plaza, 7th Floor, Kiambere Road, Upper Hill
1. Background: AAH-I is an African-led, international non-governmental organisation, based in Nairobi, Kenya, that supports livelihood-challenged communities in East and Southern Africa to sustainably improve their well-being and standard of living. 
With Country Programmes in South Sudan, Uganda, Zambia, Somalia, and Kenya, AAH-I has over 20 years’ experience working with communities in conflict and post-conflict situations, including refugees, internally displaced people and host communities. 


More recently AAH-I has expanded its activities to work with other marginalised communities including pastoralists and urban slum dwellers.
AAH-I works with communities, local government and other development partners to improve:
  1. Basic services (health, education, water, hygiene and sanitation),
  2. Food and income security,
  3. Environmental management and responsiveness to climate change;
  4. Governance, civil society strengthening and peace building.
  5. Humanitarian relief and recovery.
  6. Research to provide the evidence base for the above
2. Objective of the assignment: AAH-I has purchased the 7th floor of Nachu Plaza located on Kiambere Road in Upper Hill with a total floor space of 990 Metre squared. The Floor is subdivided into two wings with AAH-I occupying one wing while the other wing measuring 4200 square feet has been set aside for leasing as rental space to suitable clients.

3. Scope of work: The Quantity Surveyor will provide the full range of Quantity Surveying services as described in CAP 525 laws of Kenya, and any other related services as the client may require broken down into the following categories.
1.1 Work Stage A: Inception
  • The Quantity Surveyor will obtain clients design requirements through the Architect and generate preliminary estimates from the preliminary sketches after a site visit.
1.2 Work Stage B: Generate revised estimates at design stage
  • The Quantity Surveyor will liaise with the design team to match client expectations with the designs and alternative specifications and firm up the estimates based on approximate quantities.
1.3 Work Stage C: Generate detailed Design
1.3.1 The Quantity Surveyor will prepare detailed bills of quantities and estimates for final discussion with the design team and the client and match it with the set budget. Blank bills of quantities will be produced to enable procurement of the contractor based on clients’ procurement methods.
1.3.2 The Quantity Surveyor will participate in the contractor pre-selection process and organize the tender documents for the actual tender.
1.3.3 The Quantity Surveyor will carry out the tender evaluation in conjunction with the client and design team and make the final recommendation report to ensure the client’s procurement methods are adhered to.
1.4 Work Stage D: Compliance of Terms of Contract
1.4.1 Contract Administration:- The Quantity Surveyor will discuss with the design team and client on the suitable form of contract, and will administer the Terms of the building contract during operations on site. They will also make visits, take detailed measurements and generate monthly valuations of works for payments.
1.4.2 Financial Appraisal:- The Quantity Surveyor will produce periodic Financial Appraisal reports including the effect of any variations on the construction cost and any suggestions on mitigation of cost increases and make every effort to minimize cost overruns.

1.5 Work Stage E: Completion

1.5.1 Completion:- The Quantity Surveyor will advise where required on the terms of the building contract relating to the completion of the works.

4. Deliverables
  • Clients requirements obtained, site visit done and preliminary and revised estimates generated
  • Detailed design generate including all the considerations outlined in (3) in the scope of work above
  • Contract administration done in liaison with the Quantity Surveyor and operations on site
  • Periodic financial appraisal reports produced making all possible adjustments
  • Completion of works done in due regard to the agreed upon defects liability period
5. Institutional Arrangement
  1. AAH-I expects the Quantity Surveyor is to work closely with the Architect and the Nachu Task Force Team.
  2. Demonstrated experience in the provision of Quantity Survey Services giving examples of such services provided.
  3. Strong knowledge of provision of Quantity Survey services.
  4. Good reputation in providing Quantity Survey services.
  5. Strong regional knowledge of the Quantity Survey industry.
  6. Excellent communication and project management skills.
6. Expected duration of the assignment
The Quantity Surveyor is expected to work with AAH-I until the defects and liability period lapses.
7. Submission of Interest
Reputable consultants who meet requirements are invited to submit their interest with supporting evidence of previous activities undertaken by responding to this TOR on or before 22nd February 2016 to this email address:

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