Doe Consolata Hospital Kyeni Jobs in Kenya

Doe Consolata Hospital Kyeni wish to recruit the following:-
1. Laboratory Technologist
  • Qualified with diploma in medical laboratory.
  • Two years’ experience.
2. Health Records Officer
  • Qualified with diploma in health records and information.
  • Two years’ experience in a busy facility.
3. Pharmaceutical Technologist
  • Must be registered with two years’ experience.
  • Must have diploma in pharmacy.
4. Opthamalmic Specialist
  • Qualified in clinical medicine with a higher diploma in optometry.
  • At least one year experience.
5. Sonographer
  • Qualified in medical imaging with higher diploma in sonography or its equivalent.
6. E.N.T Specialist
  • Qualified with a diploma in clinical medicine and surgery and a higher diploma in E.N.T.
7. Nurse Tutor
  • Must have a degree in nursing.
  • Two years’ experience in teaching.
8. Human Resource Officer
  • Degree or higher diploma in human resource management.
  • Two years’ experience.
Applications should reach the undersigned by 15th February 2016.
All certificates, transcripts, leaving certificates and a letter from a religious leader.

To The
Managing Director
Consolata Hospital Kyeni
P.O Box 38, Runyenjes.

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