K-SALES Program Technical Assistance in Rural Tanning and Leather Processing Consultancy in Kenya

Kenya Semi-Arid Livestock Enhancement Support (K-SALES) Program
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Title: Rural Tanning and Leather processing in Taita Taveta and Makueni Counties
A. Introduction / Background: Kenya Semi-Arid Livestock Enhancement Support (K-SALES) is a United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) funded project that aims to improve the competitiveness of the cattle, sheep and goats (shoats) value chain by increasing productivity and boost marketing and trade of live animals and meat (cattle and shoat), and hides and skins and other livestock products value chains. 
K-SALES project is being implemented in six counties within the semi-arid area of Kenya namely; Machakos, Makueni, Kitui, Meru, Tharaka Nithi and Taita Taveta.


Initial assessment and prior experience in leather and leather products development in Taita Taveta and Makueni Counties indicate the existence of a nascent leather industry made up of rural tanning and leather product development.
 K-SALES conducted a survey on the potential leather production as well as end market survey and reports with recommendations that will be availed for reference. 
Against this background, K-SALES wishes to support growth of the industry by increasing the capacity rural tanners through construction/rehabilitation of tanning facilities such as channels/pits, training of entrepreneurs/ selected actors in the leather chain on improved leather processing techniques and product development.
The purpose for this request for proposal is to invite qualified prospective applicants to submit detailed proposal on how to dimension rural tanning channels / Pits, quantify Materials for their construction, conduct a training needs assessment, and facilitate market linkages for leather products.

B. Scope of work: The successful candidate will play an important role in facilitating and driving forward key activities in the K-SALES project through the following:

Key Activities will include:
  1. Mobilize members of the 4 identified leather processing groups in Taita Taveta an develop
  2. Together with relevant stakeholders identify leather processing infrastructure needs and appropriate locations. Necessary documentations should be provided to demonstrate/proof ownership or lease as appropriate
  3. Design appropriate leather processing infrastructure/facilities in form and scale required by Leather processing groups in Taita Taveta County.
  4. Conduct a training needs assessment ( TNA) in both Taita Taveta and Makueni counties for the Leather processing groups producing leather products
  5. Prepare a curriculum and training materials based on the TNA
  6. Conduct training on the leather processing partners
  7. In collaboration with the Leather processing partners, the consultant will prepare a list of equipment necessary for making leather processing efficient. The processing partners will be expected to apply for in-kind grants for supply of the said equipment
  8. Liaise with the relevant Government authorities including head of Hides and Skins Departments and National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA) to ensure that all statutory approvals necessary are obtained.
  9. Develop an implementation/rehabilitation plan and budget for the works.
  10. Liaise with the enterprise owners who shall benefit from the channels and create awareness and secure commitments to cost-share at least 20% of the project costs by contributing mainly un-skilled labor and locally available materials.
C. Assignment Duration: The assignment period is expected take not more than 2 weeks

D. Eligibility Criteria

  • 5 years in Hides and skins Tanning industry or working with institutions charged with the responsibility of promoting development of the leather sector
  • Demonstrate understanding of the rural tanning processes
  • Show ability to dimension & quantify materials for tanning channels or pits for rural tanning (Development of BQs)
  • Demonstrate understanding of the leather industry in Kenya as well as leather products markets both local and export
  • Ability to deliver a detailed report
E. Required
Submit a technical proposal / concept with the following details:
  1. Models for a standard Tanning Channel /Pits
  2. A well-structured questionnaire for conducting the training needs assessment
  3. A list of potential dealers of leather products for purposes of market linkage
  4. A detailed budget with the proposed daily fee from the number of days required for the assignment (not exceeding 2 weeks), and accompanying travel costs.
F. Instructions to Applicants
The proposal should be emailed to info.ksales@idd.landolakes.com no later than Friday 19th February 2016. 
Should you require any further clarification, please contact us by e-mail.

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