Production Manager Job Vacancy in Kenya

Job Vacancy: Production Manager
Job Profile: A production manager’s main responsibilities are to ensure the efficient production of goods and services and are of right quantity, quality, and cost. 
In addition to this, it is the manager’s responsibility to produce goods on time and at right price to meet the demands of the customer. 
The duties and responsibilities of the job vary depending on the kind of production system, like jobbing production, process production, batch production, or mass production. 


Job Responsibilities
  • Planning and scheduling production activities and supervising the production process.
  • Ensuring the effective management of production lines of an organization.
  • Making sure the good quality production of products on time.
  • Ensuring maintenance of cost effective and high-standard production.
  • Estimating production costs and determining the high quality standards.
  • Monitoring the production practices and setting the schedules as required.
  • Working out the material and human resources as needed.
  • Taking decision regarding the operating unit’s layout, size and range of service or product to deliver and design and arrangement of work processes.
  • Selecting and maintaining equipments, supervising product standards and enforcing quality-control programs.
  • Working with managers effectively to execute the policies and goals of the organization.
  • Keeping abreast of health and safety strategies.
  • Liaising with different departments such as suppliers, managers and so on to prevent any probable delay.
  • Supervising and inspiring team of workers and reviewing the work performance of subordinates.
Skills and Specifications
  • Wide experience (minimum 5yrs) as Head of Production / Production Manager
  • Ability to behave decisively.
  • Ability to grasp complex concepts easily.
  • Excellent planning, negotiating, and organizing skills.
  • Great physical health.
  • Ability to motivate co-workers, colleagues and others.
  • Patient and self-confidence.
  • Ability to operate in a systematic and logical manner.
  • Degree in mechanical engineering, logistics, industrial engineering, or process engineering.
Qualified candidates to send their updated CVs to before 15th February 2016

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