Pwani Feeds Assistant Poultry Line Manager Job in Kenya

Job Title: Assistant Poultry Line Manager
Position Objective: An assistant farm manager will assist in the financial and physical performance of the farm and as such will be highly skilled in all aspects of the farm business. 
In this role you will be responsible for implementing the short and long term business plans. 
You will be expected to drive the business and work with your Manager to ensure success. You will be required to optimize the farm performance. 
Under the direction of your supervisor and executive director, the job holder is required to fulfil their role as a full time assistant poultry farm manager. 


This will primarily include overseeing, planning and coordination of the day to day activities on the poultry section at the farm.
Organizational Authority: The assistant line manager is in charge of the matters pertaining poultry at the farm including staff, development, infrastructure management etc.
Organizational Relationship
  • He/She is to work together with the Poultry and the Dairy line manager to ensure the farm is operating at maximum capacity but as profitable as possible. 
  • The title holder reports directly to the Poultry Line Manager. 
  • All requirements needed for the farm are to be channeled directly to the accountant
Managerial Competencies Required
  • Balancing listening and talking; speaking and writing clearly & accurately; influencing others to communicate openly and honestly; keeping others informed
Team work & Coachability
  • Ability to work as a member of a team be receptive to feedback; willing to learn new things and share knowledge and skills; embracing continuous improvement.
  • Be part of and contribute to the wider portfolio of the entire farm
Problem solving & Innovation
  • Managing for profit by problem solving and finding the best solution to a given problem or situation; collaborate with others to seek input and alternative ideas; think first before acting. 
  • Take ownership of your work and think of new ways to do things better, and be willing to share your ideas with others
  • Be self-managing; focus on effective planning and time management as well as priorization of tasks; be reliable and maintain the work-life balance
Technical & Practical Skills
  • Be able to understand, measure, monitor and adapt; seek training opportunities for further development; improve performance in day to day tasks o the role; use technology to improve productivity; be receptive and willing to learn and embrace technology as required of the position and job duties
Leadership & People Management
  • For those with direct reports – lead but empower; lead by example; set clear expectations and provide role clarity, be consistent and fair; review progress, develop people; provide feedback and guidance; hold people accountable.
  • Employ, train and discipline staff as required in accordance with company policy and guidance from senior management
Administration & Quality Compliance
  • Keep up to date with administrative and reporting responsibilities required of the position & job duties; comply with company policies and auditing requirements at all times
Business & Asset Management
  • Work in conjunction with the Business Management Group in setting and achieving production and financial targets. 
  • Ensure property and associated assets are optimized, secure and maintained within seasonal operating budgets.
  • A Degree in animal health of a related course from a credible institution
  • Diploma in store management /Purchase and supplies/Business Related Field
  • Minimum one year experience in a related field
  • High computer proficiency
  • Previous experience managing a large farm with over 30 workers
  • Must declare present salary
  • Must have a valid driving license
  • Must have a valid practicing license from the KEVB (Vet Board of Kenya)
  • Must be +27 years of age *a mature candidate preferably male*
  • Cost conscious, assertive, a good communicator, problem solver
  • A business background in education or in practice is preferred
  • A critical thinker
  • A problem solver
  • Possess good interpersonal skills
  • Possess a valid BCE Driving License
Quality and Safety
  • Ensuring the farm maintains quality standards
  • Active participation in activities associated with the management of workplace health and safety
  • Identification and reporting of hazard/danger, accidents, near misses, and property damage at the workplace
  • Ensuring the appropriate training and record keeping is undertaken
  • Correct use of appropriate safety gear / equipment.
General Duties and Responsibilities
Feeds Management
  • Plan and allocate feed using feed budgeting techniques to achieve production targets
  • Source required supplements and vitamins to achieve production targets
  • Manage weeds and pests to maintain the feeds supplied
  • Ensure stocks are accounted for
  • Provide the weekly feeds order on time on the required date as directed by the sales operations coordinator
Livestock Management
  • Develop, review and implement animal health programme to maintain good health and bio-security levels
  • Ensure agreed stock policy is adhered to
  • Ensure all herd/flock records are maintained
  • Adhere to all relevant animal welfare codes
Business Performance
  • Work with the Executive Director to develop the 5 year Business Plan and annual budget
  • Monitor seasonal expenditure in line with the budgeted cash flow
  • Liaise with key rural professionals e.g. vet, fertilizer rep, stock agents and contractors to ensure smooth operation of the farm
  • Ensure company products are presented for sale in line with company policy regarding, quality, quantity and timeliness of delivery and are marketed in accordance with the company marketing policies
  • Develop, review and manage repairs and maintenance schedule for all plant, machinery and infrastructure
  • Analyze productivity and health levels of the pullets and ensure management is kept well updated on the same
  • Ensure all relevant company policies are understood and adhered to
  • Receive and sign all official documents issued and received on the farm by suppliers and customers
  • Keep good records of all goods in stock i.e. feeds supply, agrochemicals as well as farm equipment being used by casuals
  • Enforce a strict bio-security policy that allows for a death rate of 0.01% per year whereby management must be notified of the time and cause of death of every single bird and the carcass must be viewed and signed off by the post holder before it is disposed
  • Manage the farm within consent conditions
  • Work within best practice environmental guidelines
  • Ensure any development work is undertaken with appropriate consents under the respective bodies i.e. NEMA or KVBA
  • Recruit and select staff
  • Supervise day-to-day activity, organize rosters and schedule tasks/activities that need to be undertaken
  • Provide training/coaching to staff to enable them to competently carry out tasks required of them on farm
  • Conduct an annual review of staff performance (at least once a year for all on-farm staff)
  • Maintain employment records
  • Ensure that health and safety policies and procedures are understood and adhered to; this includes and is not limited to ensuring that the bio-security measures cosigned by management is implemented 100%  as well as protective clothing is worn at all times
  • Review, implement and improve health and safety policies and procedures
  • Ensure new staff are inducted and aware of company policies and are given role clarity
  • Ensure high standards of staff welfare and maintain high levels of productivity
  • Design the job cards for the technicians on a daily basis and share with management as well as the office administrator for official follow up and payment preparation
  • Ensure all employees sign in once they arrive on the farm and sign out at the end of their shift; payments due will be based on the attendance register
Applications from qualified candidates should be sent to to reach us not later than close of business on Friday 12th February 2016. 
You must declare you current and expected salary.

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