Regional Agronomist Job in Kenya

Job Title: Regional Agronomist
Our client in Manufacturing and Production Industry is looking to hire an Agronomist to Conduct surveys to establish areas that are conducive to the growing of YPF. 
Recruit contractual farmers for the development of YPF. 
Manage the growing and procurement of YPF for the processing in the Factory.  
Working with all the stake holders in the YPF subsector in the area of region of responsibility.  
Ensure proper husbandry to increase the productivity of the YPF. 
Responsible for securing all the YPF available for processing in his/her region. 


Responsible of improving supply of YPF by improving post harvest handling and Logistics. 
Together with the Unit head YPF, responsible for the recruitment of the field staff – ,FS,FAs in the region growing the fruits

Key Duties and Responsibilities
  • Identifying and mapping out areas for the YPF growing development.
  • Recruitment of contractual farmers for the YPF farming.
  • Coordinate the supply of inputs to the farmers and recovery of the same from the supplied YPF.
  • Prepare seasonal and annual YPF forecasts for region of responsibility.
  • Continuously improve supplies of YPF by addressing/improving post harvest handling, logistics etc.
  • Coordinate Logistics of delivery of the YPF from the farms to the collection centres.
  • Ensuring the factory targets for the fruit procurements are met.
  • To Check and confirm the quality of YPF delivered to the factory
  • In consultation with the Unit head YPF,  develop and implement a training program for the farmers for purpose of enhancing the loyalty of the farmers.
  • To manage the field staff team of FS, FAs and nursery attendants.
How to Apply
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