Simba Villa Estate Request for Proposal and Terms of Reference for Estate Management Services

Simba Villa Estate Request for Proposal and Terms of Reference for Estate Management Services
Background: Simba Villas Estate is a gated community located in Embakasi Area, Nairobi along the Old Airport North Road opposite the main gate of the Embakasi Garrison.
Simba Villa Limited is a company responsible for Managing the Simba Villa Estate. The company is managed by a board which is elected by the house-owners. 
The Board contracts an Estate Manager who is responsible for the day to day management of the estate. Simba Villas Estate comprises of 270 units made up of 60 Masionettes and 210 apartments and shops. The estate is built on land measuring approximately 4.121 acres.


The Board has contracted a security firm to provide security services. In addition, the Board has contracted a firm to clean the estate common areas and to provide gardening and landscaping services.

Simba Villas Limited is now seeking the services of a qualified and registered estate management firm/agency to manage the estate.

The selected firm shall be offered an opportunity to provide the services for an initial period of 3 years. However, the contract will be on an annual basis renewable subject to satisfactory performance and a Board decision.

Services to be provided:

The management agent shall provide proposals for provision of estate management services.

General requirements

1. To deploy a qualified administrator to manage the estate on a daily basis and maintain up-to-date records and financial statements using Quickbooks Accounting Software.

2. To submit for approval to Simba Villas the name(s) of  any person(s) proposed to be deployed to manage the estate together with certified copies of the persons:
  1. Curriculum Vitae (CV);
  2. Academic and professional certificates; and
  3. A certificate of good conduct issued by the Criminal Investigation Department(C.I.D)
3. To note that notwithstanding the Company’s approval of the person deployed by the management agent, the management agent shall be liable and responsible for any errors of commission or omission by such person and where applicable any losses arising.
4. To maintain an updated list of property owners and tenants within the estate including their current mailing and electronic addresses.
5. Issue and enforce regulations for the management of the estate in consultation with the directors of the Company.
6. To issue service charge invoices (bills) and other invoices to any person who owns any property within the estate. Issue notices to property owners who fail to pay their service charge or meet any other obligations due from them and liaise with any appointed debt collector so as to ensure that any debts/dues are collected promptly. Provided that in order to bind the Company, instructions to any such debt-collector should have been first sanctioned by Company in writing.
7. To collect and promptly bank any money due to Simba Villas Limited.
8. To arrange and issue notices for quarterly meetings of residents of the estate and any other meetings necessary to ensure a cordial and harmonious living environment within the estate.
9. To manage other service providers within the estate by developing service standards to be adhered to by the service providers and monitoring the same as well as holding regular and scheduled meetings with the service providers. The meeting should be held at least quarterly.
10. To inspect the estate property on a regular basis and record the results of such an inspection in a book/register maintained for that purpose. The inspection shall be done at least once every week.
11. To attend to concerns raised by the residents of the estate and where necessary resolve any disputes arising between/ amongst the residents.
12. To maintain proper and complete records of the estates finances including receipts, payments, vouchers, invoices/bills cashbook, ledgers and correspondence including any necessary reconciliations.
13. Initiate payments to the various service providers including payments for electricity, water, insurance cleaning, security, site value taxes, land rent and rates, legal services, audit services and any other services required on an hoc basis.
14. To maintain a comprehensive list and contact addresses of at least ten qualified service providers (which list should include persons originally involved in the construction of the estate) –in the following service categories:
  1. Electrical wiring and installation
  2. Plumbing services
  3. Masonry services
15. To prepare and submit a report on a monthly basis covering the following areas:
  1. Financial performance for the month including revenue collection and expenditure.
  2. Performance of the various service providers
  3. State of the estate infrastructure
  4. Matters requiring to be attended to by the Directors
16. To prepare quarterly financial statements and draft annual financial statements for consideration by the Directors of the Company.
17. To prepare a budget for the management of the estate at least one month (i.e by 31st November) before the start of the financial year of the Company
18. To monitor the requirements in the lease agreements for the estate owners and ensure that every party meets its obligations.

The Proposal Response Format for Estate Management Services

The proposal document submitted is required to contain the following minimum information:

  1. A cover letter signed by the Chief Executive Officer of the estate management Agent. 
  2. Qualification of personnel proposed for assignment.
  3. A detailed breakdown of the price in KES per month proposed to be charged for the estate management services.
  4. Information on the estate management agency (date of registration, copies of licenses, details of ownership, list of at least 3-5 main clients), information on your company office and total number of staff).
  5. A copy of the registration certificate as an estate management agent.
  6. Required insurance to perform the assignment.
  7. Any other information that you believe is important.
The proposal to be accepted will the one that offers a solution that is the most cost effective.

Payment terms: Within 14 days from the receipt of the invoice for the previous month services. 

Development of proposals and delivery of the Proposals:

Interested firms should send an Expression of Interest by sending an email to: or/post to 27820-00100-GPO/Nairobi with a copy of the registration certificate as an estate management agent.

Thereafter a meeting will be held with shortlisted firms before they are invited to submit sealed proposals.

Detailed instructions for submitting proposals will be provided to shortlisted firms. 

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