Watervale Investments Team Leader Job in Embakasi, Nairobi, Kenya

Job Title: Team Leader
Location: Mombasa Rd. (Embakasi Area)
Start: March 2016 (Flexible)

Important Notes:  Please carefully follow the application instructions at the end of this document.  Watervale Investments will never ask applicants for payment as part of the application process.

About Watervale Investments: Watervale Investments is a young and quickly-growing company serving Kenya’s furniture industry.

Our mission is to make quality furniture more available and affordable to millions of Kenyans.  We offer an exciting, dynamic working environment with opportunity for growth for our employees.


About the Position: Our company has quickly grown from its founding in 2014 to serving hundreds of furniture material retailers across Kenya.  
The Team Leader will take the reins of the operations, administrative and financial elements of our core business as the company continues to expand its reach, serving more customers and introducing new products. 

The ideal Team Leader will be an effective people manager, eager to grow their team and develop the individuals which comprise it. 

They will have a strong “get it done” attitude; ready to tackle challenges and find creative solutions to anything standing between them and the company’s objectives. 
They will feel comfortable in the quickly-changing environment of a young and growing company, while looking for opportunities to streamline work, delegate responsibilities and implement systems which will keep the company’s core functions working smoothly as we expand.

The Team Leader will report to the Managing Director and directly and indirectly lead a team of 10 people, including others with management responsibilities. 

Develop and lead a high performing team

  • Invest in coaching and development of your team, taking advantage of opportunities to grow team members’ responsibilities
  • Maintain a high-performance culture, setting ambitious targets and rewarding outstanding accomplishment
Bring together the company’s core functions to keep the day-to-day running smoothly
  • Oversee and coordinate all operations, administrative and finance functions within the company
  • Set and maintain high standards of performance to “keep the trains running on-time”
  • Play a key role in managing customer relationships and ensure they are extremely satisfied whenever they interact with your team
  • Take on one-off tasks and projects which advance the company’s goals
Implement and manage systems to effectively tackle increasingly complex work
  • Find opportunities to develop and improve systems, delegate responsibilities to enable your team to handle more work with increasing complexity
  • Identify and utilize key control points, allowing you to maintain quality and accuracy of the growing activities within your area of responsibility
  • You are a strong leader, and you have at least 3 years’ experience managing individuals across different functional areas.  You have a proven track record of motivating and developing your direct reports.
  • You have an entrepreneurial streak and have drawn energy from working in a young company, start-up environment or other environment of rapid growth and change.  You enjoy working on multiple diverse projects and tasks simultaneously.
  • You thrive when you are able to take initiative, you are considered very self-managing and do best in an environment where you are given high-level goals and take initiative to achieve them.
  • You are confident in your own ability to perform and inspire others to perform, and you are eager to take on responsibility for a key team within our company.  You find the prospect of being rewarded according to your ability to grow a team extremely motivating.
  • You have experience developing and implementing management systems within an organization, and value the structure and predictability they bring.
  • You possess a strong analytical toolkit, and you frequently apply quantitative analysis to decision-making.
  • You have managed key internal and external relationships in another organization and are effective and building and maintaining such relationships independently.
Apply using this link: http://goo.gl/forms/Tu5Ezre65e
Email recruiting@watervale.co.ke for help, but please do not apply by email.

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