Agroforestry Assistant (Fish Farming) Job in Rarieda District, Kenya

Our Client is an organisation operating in rural Rarieda District. The organisation began as a grass-root CBO in 2003 to assist orphaned children and youth through community empowerment. 
The organization has since developed into a dynamic organisation, focused on empowerment and development, both within the community and the organisation.
We are currently seeking to recruit talented, progressive and team-oriented individuals to fill the below mentioned positions.

Agroforestry Assistant (Fish Farm)

Due to the rural set-up and challenges associated therewith, all applicants should have a personal commitment to community development. 


Applicants should take time to reflect and make sure they resonate strongly with the organization’s vision and mission before considering to apply.

Vision: People believe in themselves and work together to build a vibrant and progressive community.

Mission: Empower people and build their capacities to create positive change for children and youth within their community. 

1. Purpose of the Position: Keep the demonstration plot as a Centre of Excellence and undertake demonstrations to community members and other visiting parties at the plot. Facilitate agroforestry activities and related services to the targeted communities. 
Assist in training the students and the community in agroforestry ventures especially fish farming.

2. Major Duties and Responsibilities

R1. Fish farming

  • T.10 Responsible for the breeding and rearing of fish for the wholesale and/or retail trade. T.11 Ensure that the demonstration farm breeds its own fish by hatching eggs from adult stock and then rearing them before selling on to purchasers. (Set up a hatchery)
  • T.12 Manage the fish habitats throughout.
  • T.13 Ensure that the right amount of fish stock is in the fishpond at any given time. T.14 Responsible for the health and welfare of the fish.
  • T.15 Ensure that the fish are fed appropriately.
  • T.16 Market and take part in selling of fish to possible customers.
  • T.17 Take lead in making fish farming a profitable venture for the organization.
  • T.18 Ensure that the appropriate environmental standards are adhered to while undertaking fish farming.
  • T.19 Ensure compliance to any legislation governing the practice of fish farming. T.20 Ensure that the water supply is of sufficient quality for the stock.
  • T.21 Take part in maintaining records of fish stocks.
  • T.22 Ensure separation of fish from one pond to the other depending on maturity and sex for efficiency purposes.
  • T.23 Oversee the daily operations of the fishpond area including monitoring of fish production.
  • T.24 Exchange and aerate water to ensure that fish is in minimal stress.
  • T.25 Take part in developing, organizing and carrying out trainings to the community and designated schools including the training center on productive fish farming.
R2. Demo Plots Support activities
  • T.1 Assist in ensuring that the demonstration plots at the project site and in the schools are in a presentable state and serve as an example of what should be practiced in the community.
  • T.2 Assist in ensuring the use of Organic farming methods in the maintenance and management of the gardens.
R3. Administrative Duties
  • T.1 Comply with all administrative policies and procedures set forth by the organization.
  • T.2 Take part in preparation of the fish farming budget and procurement of inputs.
  • T.3 Maintain follow-up system to ensure efficient processes and support supervision. T.4 Prepare reports for review of the supervisors.
  • T.5 Take part in the maintenance and repair of Agroforestry equipment’s.
R4. Other Duties and Responsibilities
  • T.1 Perform any other duties and responsibilities which may be assigned by the Supervisor and management from time to time and which are related to the achievement of the organization’s mission and vision.
  • T.2 Actively participate in the Saturday Psycho-Social Support Program for Orphaned and Vulnerable Children and build the community’s capacity to eventually run the Saturday PSS on their own.
3. Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

(The knowledge, skills and abilities may be required through a combination of formal schooling, self-education and prior experience or on-the-job-training).

a) Level of education:
At least KCSE (“O” Level) with two years hands on experience on Fisheries profession. At least a Certificate in Agriculture/Fisheries or related discipline.

b) Specialized Training / Professional Qualifications

  • Agribusiness, Entrepreneurship
c) Other Competencies:
  • Must have developed good intercultural orientation and strong public relations skills.
  • Must be aware of different water management techniques.
  • Should possess general fish farming skills such as fish handling, spawning, grading and harvesting.
  • Should possess strong communication, negotiation, and administration skills.
  • Requires good interpersonal skills with ability to build personal relationships with business community, beneficiaries, Local Community Members, senior government officials and staff.
c) Job Experience:
  • At least two (2) years’ experience in a similar position.
Interested candidates are requested to email:
(1) Cover letter
stating the position for which you are applying, along with current
remuneration or last remuneration if currently not employed,

(2) Three paragraph motivation statement and why you feel you meet the requirements,

(3) Three references and 
(4) C.V. 

All four (4) above mentioned steps must be followed. Applications not
following all steps will be automatically disqualified.

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