Assistant Manager / Horticulturalist Job in Nairobi, Kenya

Position: Assistant Manager / Horticulturalist
Job Ref.: DF-267587
Location: Nairobi
Sector: Horticulture / Agribusiness

Role Scope

General Duties
  • Under the Supervision of the Manager/Director the staff Member will carry out the following.
  • Communicate with the Managing Director of the Company on a daily basis.
  • Report to the Managing Director of the Company on a daily basis via SMS, e-mail and phone.
  • Assist the Managing Director in all administration and management responsibilities as he may direct.
  • Ensure sure you are aware of all recommendations and briefs from clients requests, DFL staff members, horticulturists and supervisors for the purpose of liaising with management for action.
  • To report immediately to the Managing Director any fraudulent activities which may affect the Company’s image.
  • Report to the Managing Director any irregular activities you come across or notice while on duty for action by the respective person, supervisor or team leader.
  • Develop, implement and maintain sound management and administrative practices.
  • Make sure you make all recommendations and briefs from the client and forward the same to the Managing Director for action.
  • Ensure that your driving license and PSV certificate are up to date/valid and in your possession always.
  • Represent the Managing Director in external meetings as necessary.
  • Coordinate and attend departmental/staff meetings.
  • Follow up on the implementation of plans.
  • Ensure weekly supervisors/horticulturalist meetings are convened in an efficient manner and work allocation and performance is assessed.
Monitoring and Record-Keeping
  • Ensuring administrative duties are performed and record keeping for maintenance is kept up-to-date.
  • Control/verify supplier’s invoices and payment of the same.
  • Maintain an up-to-date file register of all Company fixed assets.
  • Monitor, control petty cash book records on weekly basis.
  • Treasury management including monitoring cash flow.
  • Ensure that information for monthly reports are produced.
  • Follow up and ensure up-keep and proper records are kept of the occurrence book and ensure up-keep of all recording procedures.
  • Ensure that all keys are kept and issuance and receiving is recorded.
  • Distribution of business cards has to be for the sole purpose of improving business/customer relations for the Company and records are kept for the purpose of follow up.
Financial Responsibilities
  • Ensure monthly financial reports and other management reports are prepared as required by the Company’s Management.
  • Develop, implement and maintain sound financial management, budgeting, control and reporting systems for financial practices.
  • Create a development plan/budget for improvement.
  • Ensure that receipts for purchases etc. are promptly submitted to the office for accounting purposes.
  • Ensure continuation and the following of the procedures in place (e.g. using highlighter to mark late comers on attendance sheet).
  • Produce information for monthly reports.
Human Resources Management
  • Assist in drafting of job descriptions for all employees.
  • Assist in preparation of employment contracts and contractual documents.
  • Monitor staff attendance, follow up on absenteeism and ensure recording of the same.
  • Participate in evaluation of personnel needs and contribute towards the performance appraisal system and ensure that the career system laid down is respected by all employees.
  • Assist with conflict resolution.
  • Participate in monthly staff appraisals and submitting of the report to the Management for review.
  • Check overtime according to work sheets, store records, track records, etc.
  • Coordinate and support the growth of gardening skills particularly in university student internship programmes.
  • Supervise supervisors and employees and discourage lax behaviour, reprimand, take action as necessary and recommend hard working staff.
  • Always uphold cordial working relations with other staff and as such ensure that no hostility exists among staff and act as a moderator as necessary.
  • Ensure that the transport plan works efficiently and are prepared in advance.
  • Supervise and ensure that all transport jobs are done as per instructions.
  • Make sure all the vehicles have all required licenses, current insurance cover, trailer license and any government license supposed to be on the vehicle.
  • Ensure company vehicles are kept in clean and good condition.
  • Ensure recording of all trips at the beginning, during and at the end of the trip in the mileage sheets provided to all drivers and that on arrival personnel of the customer acknowledges time of arrival and departure.
  • Ensure that any devices fitted on the vehicles are not tampered with e.g. speed governors, car tracking systems etc.
  • Follow up and ensure up-keep and proper records are kept of mileage sheets and to control the fuel oil usage per kilometre.
  • Supervise and ensure proper use and care of company tools, equipment and machinery.
Stores and Supplies
  • Overall management of the stores with assistance from the Storekeeper.
  • In conjunction with the Storekeeper ensure that the Company shopping list is submitted on time for disbursement of funds and also ensure valid receipts of the same are submitted for record keeping.
  • Ensure that sufficient stock level of all materials, spare parts and consumables are maintained.
  • Check and extract stock levels for purchasing purposes.
  • Coordinate procurement and purchase of materials, tools, plants, etc. well in advance to avoid delay of jobs.
  • Undertake import and export of items, produce and products of and for the Company.
  • Control the production, packaging and sale of DFL and Nature Trail products.
  • Liaise with Senior Workshop Supervisor/Workshop Supervisor for machine spares and parts required for purchases and forward the same to the management office (Finance and Administration Managers) for action.
  • Ensure stationery is used appropriately.
  • Ensure food materials for the domestic birds and wildlife is stocked at all times.
  • Coordinate and manage nursery planting plans.
  • Follow up and ensure up-keep and proper records are kept of nursery stock lists.
Tools and Equipment
  • Assist in checking and evaluation of the condition of company groundwork equipment in liaison with the Workshop Supervisor and Assistant Administrative Manager/Accountant and Storekeeper etc. and reporting on the same to the Management.
  • The usage of electronic devices, printers, computers, PDA’s etc. from DFL are for Company business only.
  • (Printing of personal documents, lamination, internet use requires permission from the Managing Director).
  • Ensure that if a cell phone/smart phone is issued by the Company to you, it is maintained in good condition and have sufficient credit to ‘flash’ the Management when decisions are to be made and/or seeking instructions.
  • If you are not issued with a Company cell phone, then you must make use of your personal cell phone.
  • Ensure that the First Aid box is well stocked and expired products are replaced.
  • Ensure safety is observed in any working area to avoid unnecessary injuries/mishaps.
  • Enforce compliance of operations according to Health, Safety and Environment regulations.
  • Develop and coordinate staff training sessions on gardening, management and related disciplines.
  • Ensure employees attend any training organised by the Company and attend staff meetings.
  • Attend any training organised by the Company.
How to Apply
If you meet the above criteria, send your CV and a cover letter that clearly explains your suitability for the role; with 3 referees to (Subject of the email should be the title of the POSITION APPLIED FOR + JOB REF)

If you are not interested in this opportunity today, please refer any friend or colleague you know that might suit the required profile.

Applications NOT MEETING minimum requirements will not be considered. 

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted

NOTE: We do not charge any fees for receiving and reviewing applications or for interviews

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