Helen Keller International Consultant for Development of the SUN CSA Strategic Plan

Vacancy Announcement: Consultant for Development of the SUN CSA Strategic Plan
Background about SUN CSA: Kenya joined the Sun Movement in October 2013 and in line with the SUN principles of engagement, formed the Civil Society Alliance (SUN CSA). 
The SUN CSA was formally established on 5th November 2013 and now has a membership of over 40 civil society organizations involved in tackling malnutrition.
The SUN CSA is one of the 4 sun networks in Kenya the others being the government network, the UN network and the Business network.  

These networks are coordinated through the Multi Stakeholder platform, whilst the head of the Nutrition and Dietetics unit is the Kenya SUN focal point.
The SUN CSA is currently operating in six priority counties under MPTF project namely: West Pokot, Taita Taveta, Machakos, Wajir, Baringo and Kisumu.
SUN CSA’s goal is to contribute to the national goal of having a healthy Kenya, with human resource that effectively contributes to economic growth and development of the country. 
Its vision is sustained public and political commitments to SUN Movement and a mission to strengthen civil societies and the Kenyan community so as to play an active role in the Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Movement, and to encourage effective engagement of all players in the nutrition initiative.
Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to develop a SUN CSA’s Strategic Plan in view of the emerging trends and needs in line with the SUN CSA’s Vision and Mission.
The SUN CSA strategic plan must show provide a brief summary of the current nutrition situation in Kenya, key opportunities and threats regarding future improvements in the nutrition status of Kenyans, and identify key objectives and strategies to achieve these objectives. 
The strategic plan must show how the SUN CSA will work with the other networks and the government focal point.
Objectives of the Assignment
  1. To design and implement a participatory process by which  the members of the SUN CSA can participate in developing the SUN CSA Strategic Plan
  2. To develop the SUN CSA Strategic Plan, including strategic objectives and main implementation strategies.
Key Deliverables
  1. Inception report
  2. Plan for 1 day members meeting to solicit views of members.
  3. Facilitate 1 day members meeting.
  4. Meeting report for 1 day meeting.
  5. Plan for 2 day strategic planning meeting
  6. Meeting report for 2 day meeting.
  7. Completed and SUN CSA Strategic Plan, draft 1 & 2 validated by the Sun CSA M&E working group.
Confidentiality: All deliberations relating to the preparations of the SUN CSA Strategic Plan including all information collected from various meetings/documents, primary and secondary data etc shall be kept confidential and shall not be divulged to any third party either verbally or in writing in any other form. 

Duration: The duration of this assignment will be 15 days and should be completed by 20th May 2016

Minimum Requirements
  • 5 years’ experience either in planning, strategic management, or management consultant 
  • Graduate level qualification in business, administration or related studies
Proposals to be sent to hkikenyajobs@gmail.com by Monday 14th March 2016

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