M-Lesson Master Teacher Content Developers Jobs in Kenya

M-Lesson is a mobile subscription platform that helps parents make better education decisions and improve their children’s learning outcomes. 
Many parents lack real, performance-based information about their child’s educational growth and the quality of their primary schools.
M-Lesson allows parents to test their child’s progress themselves by sending them daily assessment questions according to their class and their preferred subject, and providing ongoing performance analyses.
For a small daily fee, parents may therefore truly understand how well their child is learning and growing, and make informed choices to give their child the best possible future.
M-Lesson is looking for Master Teacher Content Developers to help us create and grow content for our pilot! 


Master Teachers should be current or former primary school teachers and/or education specialists with a deep knowledge of the Kenyan 8-4-4 curriculum. 
They should have experience creating class and subject exam papers (such as mid-terms and end terms) and be well-versed in the daily lessons taught to primary students.
For our pilot, we are especially focusing on Class levels 5-8 and the KCPE subjects: Maths, English, Science, IRE/CRE and Social Studies, and Kiswahili.

We are looking for candidates that are:
  • Passionate about education, information access, and finding new ways to make people’s lives easier
  • Experienced in mapping lesson plans and writing exams for primary students in line with the 8-4-4 curriculum
  • Confident independent workers that aspire to leadership, impact, and efficacy
  • Detail-oriented and consistently able to meet or beat timelines
  • Self-motivated to learn, grow, go the extra mile to achieve success, and take on new responsibilities
Master Teachers will be requested to:
  • For a class level and subject, develop a series of multiple choice questions and answers that are in line with the 8-4-4 national curriculum’s daily lesson plans. The Master Teacher should be able to map which topics should be taught each day or week in each class, and create a daily question to test if a child has learned and understood that topic.
  1. Each subject will require 1 question per day, 6 days a week, for 14 weeks (2nd May – 5th August). This will amount to about 84 questions per subject & class.
  • Follow the indicated question submission format to send in their questions, possible answers, and indicated correct answer.
  • Meet weekly deadlines in submitting questions and answers. All content must be submitted before 31st March.
  • Master Teachers will be paid Ksh 1260 for the content for each class subject, which amounts to Ksh 15 per multiple choice question.
  • If Master Teachers are competent in multiple subjects and classes, they are welcome to take on more than one subject and class as long as content is unique to each class and they are able to meet deadlines for submission.
  • If Master Teachers perform well, we will have additional opportunities to share knowledge now, future opportunities for additional content generation (rate based on performance), and a full-time salaried Content Manager position opening in Term 3.
How to Apply:
Candidates should submit their CV, cover letter, and a work sample to learn@m-lesson.com. 
The subject of the email should read “[Name of Candidate] – Master Teacher Content Developer Application”.
The cover letter should include answers to these questions:
  • Why are you motivated to increase educational opportunities for children in Kenya?
  • What makes you unique and therefore the ideal candidate for this position?
The work sample should demonstrate how you would write multiple choice questions for M-Lesson. 
Please product 3 multiple choice questions, as if for an exam in one subject and for one class level. 
For each one, include the question, 4 possible answers, and the correct answer highlighted.

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