Middle Office Officer Job in Kenya

Position: Middle Office Officer

The Middle Office Officer  will assist in managing the workflow of information and documents as per Alios procedures and will, closely with the Head Commercial, credit manager, account manager and regional office,  ensure that the objectives of the office support those of AFK at large. 

The following task will have to be carried
  • Managing of all commercial filing for all new applications and running facilities. This includes labelling and numbering of all files.
  • Maintaining the register for all applications received and this to be updated daily before close of business.
  • Receiving and verifying the received application forms and completeness of documents.
  • Generation of customer record from Ekip for existing clients and report from CRB database for all applications.
  • Creation of Physical and general files.
  • Creation of parties in Ekip
  • Fill in the legal requirements on the first page of an assessment.
  • Capture and enter decision of the credit committee in Ekip. This includes ensuring that all correspondence with the credit committee is kept on general file for each applicant.
  • Ensure that the approval notices is both on physical file and general file and is in line with approval of the credit committee.
  • Prepare and print documents from Ekip for each contract based on the decision of the credit committee
  • Ensure that documents reach the client for either signing or communicating decision of the credit committee
  • Verify that all documents are well signed by clients and payments/fees needed are included.
  • Submit physical file to Head Commercial for acceptance in Ekip
  • Ensure that the order is delivered to the suppliers and the same is recorded in the order register
  • Verify that documents from the supplier are all in place and amount on the  invoice is the same as quotation issued earlier.
  • Enter invoice in Ekip
  • Ensure that all files with invoices entered in ekip reach the credit managers desk for enforcement.
  • Deliver the files which have been enforced to accounts department for payments
  • Prepare mails which include request to use assets outside country by client, Interpol clearance letters, change of ownership, etc.
  • Ensure that client receive their documents after enforcement of each contract.
  • Ensure that copies of all contracts are recorded in the register and copies of the same are locked in the safe.
  • Ensure that all security documents such as Titles, debentures, life cover, subordination of loans, corporate and personal guarantees are on file and originals kept in the safe.
  • Generate invoices for residual value facilities which have come to an end and inform accounts departments on the same
  • Take minutes during commercial meetings.

Education Background
  • Minimum Diploma (e.g. marketing, book keeping, public administration, business administration, accounting, etc)
Professional Background
  • 1 to 3 years work experience
  • Experience in customer handling, bookkeeping and conversant working in a modern office equipment i.e. computers, scanners, file management, etc.
  • Experience in a financial and particularly in a leasing company  institution is a must.
Human qualities, profile compartmental
  • Able to communicate well both written and oral
  • Fluent in French and English
  • Excellent office management and organisational skills
  • Pleasant
  • Pragmatic and efficient at task given
  • Good filling skills
  • Willing to multi task – i.e. general office management, able to write basic information needed on credit assessment
How to apply
Incase you believe your career objective match this exciting position; please forward your detailed c.v contact details by 5pm on 8th March 2016. sheerlogictalentsourcing2@gmail.com

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