Quality Manager Job in Turkana, Kenya

Our Client is looking for a Quality Manager of the power station situated between South Horr town and Loyangalani town, Turkana to work under the authority of the Site Director
Duties and Responsibilities
  • He/She reports to the Site Director.
  • He/She ensures the function of Site Erection File Manager.
  • He/She ensures the distribution at site of new drawings, new drawings revisions and ensures older revisions are destroyed.
  • He/She ensures follow-up of the Civil Work Quality Plan and the Construction Quality Plan and execution of inspection procedures.
  • He/She collects, check and register the Inspection Forms, the Construction Control Forms and the Commissioning Test Forms from the Supervisors, the Specialists and the Commissioning Engineers.
  • He/She fills the Follow Up Quality Plan Table to record progress in the Civil Work Quality Plan and the Construction Quality Plan
  • He/She collects Non Conformities Reports (NCR) raised by Supervisors and Commissioning Engineers.
  • He/She is the sole person authorized to declare the withdrawal of Non-Conformities.
  • He/She draws up a chronological and qualitative inventory of non-conformities and follows up the application of corrective measures until closure of the Non-Conformity File.
  • He/She can be replaced by the Installation Manager or the Commissioning Manager.
  • He/She is in charge of editing the weekly report for the works is he is responsible for.
Personal Profile
  • Minimum 3 years of experience with at least 1 year of experience as Quality Manager. An experience on Substation works would be a plus
  • Degree/Diploma in Mechanical/Electromechanical Engineering from a reputable college or university
  • Ability to plan, prepare and follow up its activity, autonomously
  • Ability to read, understand and apply technical, HSE and logistic procedures in English
  • Ability to edit and update a Quality Plan
  • A dynamic leader, motivated and able to motivate others, with good communication and interpersonal
  • A very organized person, capable of handling and managing a heavy documentation system
  • Ability to manage a team
  • AGE: minimum 30 years old
  • DRIVING LICENCE: Yes (Not eliminatory) 
  • Local transport, phone, computer and PPE’s provided by SIEMENS
  • Health insurance incl. family
  • Food and accommodation provided by SIEMENS (2 per room)
  • Wages : depend of experience
  • 1 year contract from 14.03.2016 eventually extendable.
  • 1 year contract from 14.03.2016 eventually extendable.
How to Apply
CLICK HERE to apply online

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