ShopIT Category Agent Job in Kenya

Category Agent
Do you possess great leadership and strategic skills? 
If you are looking for part-time employment, here is the opportunity for you. 
As a category agent, you will oversee the smooth running of our product units and categories. 
You will also work closely with unit agents to generate strategies and solutions that drive the highest possible sales of our products. 
You must be goal-driven, detail-oriented and enthusiastic about providing the best possible frameworks for maximizing category product sale.


The successful job holder will be required to:
  • Establish strategic goals by gathering pertinent business, financial, service, and operations information; identifying and evaluating trends and options; choosing a course of action; defining objectives; evaluating outcomes.
  • Manage and supervise unit agents.
Job Skills
  • Ability to come up with a successful framework for the product category.
  • Have excellent product management skills.
  • Ability to triple current sales.
  • Have excellent organizational, time-management and follow-up skills
  • Be able to build, maintain and retain relationships with customers and clients.
  • Recommend products that best fit the client’s needs and requirements.
  • Ability to manage competing client demand.
  • Ability to take ownership and effectively manage long and short-term projects from start to finish.
 Job Requirements
  • At least a B in K.C.S.E
  • Willingness to work on weekends
  • Ability to take on more workload when required
Applications must include the following:
  • Include your expected remuneration.
  • MBTI Personality (you can visit | | answer the 72 Questions and click on ‘Score it’ to get your four letter MBTI Personality). Only the four letters are required.
How to Apply
Visit: Click on ‘Apply Now’ and fill out the form.

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