M-Lesson Test Developer Consultant Job in Kenya

Test Developer Consultant

M-Lesson is a pilot of a mobile subscription platform that helps parents make better education decisions and improve their children’s learning outcomes. 

Many parents lack real, performance-based information about their child’s educational growth and the quality of their primary schools. 
M-Lesson allows parents to test their child’s progress themselves by sending them daily assessment questions according to their class and their preferred subject, and providing ongoing performance analyses. 


For a small daily fee, parents may therefore truly understand how well their child is learning and growing, and make informed choices to give their child the best possible future.

We are now preparing to enter a research and pilot stage to understand how best to serve our parents and communities! 

For our pilot, we are especially focusing on Class levels 5-8 and the KCPE subjects: Maths, English, Science, and Social Studies, and Kiswahili.

M-Lesson is urgently looking for trained Test Developers to help us validate content for our pilot!  

Test Developers should be trained as with Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) to assess and validate assessment items with a deep knowledge of the Kenyan 8-4-4 curriculum. 
They should have experience creating class and subject exam papers (such as KCPE, mocks or zonals, mid-terms, and end terms) and be well-versed in the daily lessons taught to primary students.

We are looking for candidates that are:

  • Passionate about community development, education, information access, and finding new ways to make children more successful in school
  • Experienced in setting and moderating government exams as well as validating and editing items to be in line with the 8-4-4 curriculum
  • Confident independent workers that aspire to leadership, impact, and efficacy
  • Detail-oriented and consistently able to meet or beat timelines
  • Self-motivated to learn, grow, and go the extra mile to achieve our mission
  • We currently have a set of more than 1600 items across Class 5, Class 6, Class 7, and Class 8 in Maths, English, Kiswahili, Science, and Social Studies that will be sent to parents and students during the duration of the pilot. We want to make sure that these items can validly test and assess children’s performance! We are therefore looking to engage up to 3 consultants to divide and manage this review.
  • Consultants will engage in a 3-5 day project ending no later than 6th May to review and validate performance assessment items to ensure they are in line with the national curriculum. Work may take place in a group at our office in Kilimani or virtually.
  • Consultants will be asked to look at the exam items, provide feedback on structure and content, mark areas of improvement, and identify invalid questions that should be removed.
  • Compensation will be a flat rate of up to Ksh 7000 for the project based on availability and experience. As we are a very new project in the pilot phase, at the present time we cannot offer anything else in terms of compensation.
  • However, you will be able to directly impact a new organization’s success, interact with a dynamic team, and have opportunities for future partnership as we grow. 
To apply:
Candidates should submit their CV and cover letter to learn@m-lesson.com. 
The subject of the email should read “[Name of Candidate] – Test Developer Consultant Application”.
The cover letter should include answers to these questions:
  • Why are you motivated to increase educational opportunities for children in Kenya? 
  • What makes you unique and therefore the ideal candidate for this position?

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