Media & Technology Institution Principal Job in Kenya

Our client, a leading creative Media and Technology Institution seeks to recruit a Principal responsible for overall management of the Institute and the implementation of its policies. 
He/She will report directly to the Board of Directors and will be responsible for keeping the Board engaged and informed so that they can fulfill the governance responsibilities entrusted to them. 
He/she will have direct supervision of and provide leadership and strategic direction to all functional leads as well as faculty.

Reporting Relationship: The Principal reports to the Board of Directors


Core Functions:
Management & Leadership
  • Work closely with the Board to develop and manage implementation of the strategic plan and vision for the Institution, ensuring priorities are clearly communicated and resources applied intelligently.
  • Encourage ownership of the strategic plan and its objectives throughout the entire the Institution community.
  • Ensure that the vision is documented and shared within the Company, and fully owned and embraced by all staff.
  • Supervise, motivate, and hold staff accountable ensuring they have the appropriate skill sets to address the Institution’s challenges and achieve its mission.
  • Lead by example in modeling the vision and core values of the Company
  • Develop strong relationships with senior management and staff in all campuses
  • Provide guidance, leadership, and supervision to the leaders of each department.
  • Ensure that the Company hires and nurtures a staff that is ethical, enthusiastic, educated and exposed, representing the core values of the Company, and is inclusive and diverse.
  • Support the refinement and implementation of the Institution values to sustain a progressive, dynamic, learning and disciplined culture.
  • Make resourcing of the organization a priority and effectively address external and internal factors that might affect the Company’s fundraising efforts.
  • Prioritize areas in which the Institution’s fundraising resources should be invested for maximum impact on the populations served by the Company.
  • Personally cultivate, maintain, nurture relationships with major donors and investors and secure support as needed.
  • Expand visibility and support within corporations, bi-lateral and multi-lateral donors, and other target donor constituencies.
  • Appropriately leverage the relationships and resources of the board and motivate board members, volunteers, and staff to actively participate in fundraising efforts and activities.
  • Ensure the Company has established fundraising schedules, objectives, and tracking systems to effectively ensure that fundraising plans are implemented, goals achieved, timely reports generated, and information shared.
  • Ensure resourcing and high performance of the Foundation to support donor cultivation goals.
Marketing & Admissions
  • Mobilize team to meet enrolment targets, ensuring ongoing outreach efforts have the resourcing required to launch effective and efficient campaigns
  • Keep up-to-date with industry, maintaining awareness of competitor activity and market trends
  • Perform ongoing competitive market research and positioning to aggressively drive enrolment and increase market share
  • Continually scan the environment for potential opportunities for new products and partnerships
  • Establish systems and processes for lead generation, tracking, closing and evaluation
  • Develop a framework for brand compliance and quality control across all functions and enforce the same
  • Identify and build a long-term active pipeline, including both existing and potential markets
  • Develop and execute tools and processes to strengthen sales outreach and support function
  • Deliver effective communications campaigns differentiated for various stakeholders
  • Lead development, delivery and distribution of exceptional marketing collateral (including online platforms and social media)
  • Build strategic relationships with partner organizations, policymakers, media, and others.
  • Represent the Company by participating in key associations and serving on committees, boards, and advisory groups.
  • Encourage the development of philanthropic initiatives in partnership with various partners to enhance visibility and influence with key audiences.
Communications / External Relationships
  • Work with Management team to develop an outreach and communications strategy.
  • Build strategic relationships with partner organizations, policymakers, media, and others.
  • Represent the Company by participating in key associations and serving on committees, boards, and advisory groups.
  • Represent the Company at high profile, policy, philanthropy, and business forums including public speaking engagements to sustain and build the Company’s visibility and promote the Company.
Academics Program Development & Oversight
  • Develop clear guidance and mentorship to the Academic team to continuously improve their technical, soft, digital skills towards academic excellence and professional development.
  • Develop and execute a plan for the establishment of a “digital curriculum.”
  • Partner with the Academic Department in designing and implementing pedagogical approaches that truly foster world-class excellence in our student population.
  • Oversee the creation, development, and progress of programs that advance the mission of the Institution.
  • Provide vision and guidance in new strategic program areas.
  • Work with the Academics team to ensure effective monitoring, evaluation and assessment structures are built into all academic programs.
  • Monitor key trends and issues relevant to the work and programs of the Institution. Communicate their implications in a timely manner to the board with recommended actions.
Finance and Administration
  • Operationalize and digitize all interface platforms, including the website, campus management software, online learning and e-commerce solutions
  • Ensure completion of and adherence to all policy and procedure manuals and automation of the same
  • Continuously improve the systems and processes of the Company towards efficiency, ethics and “flawless execution”.
  • Oversee the Company’s finances, including the budgeting process. Communicate the financial status of the Company to the board and other stakeholders.
  • Ensure compliance to proper regulatory and financial procedures across the Company.
  • Develop realistic annual financial goals and plans and make decisions consistent with those goals and plans as approved by the board.
  • Provide regular and timely internal financial reports and analysis to the board that will enable the board to fulfill its fiduciary responsibilities including strategic discussions about financial stability and sustainability.
Corporate Governance
  • Work with the Chair of the Board to help advance the direction and priorities set by the Board of Directors.
  • Oversee adherence to board policies, goals, and objectives.
  • Enforce the Board Calendar, ensuring each Board meeting is run productively and according to best global practice.
  • Ensure the preparation and presentation of detailed management, program, and financial reports to the board. Ensure the board is apprised of all pertinent issues on a timely basis and facilitate communication between board and staff as appropriate.
  • Closely engage with Board Chair in Corporate Governance process to ensure a strong, diverse, and active board that reflects the values and mission of the Company and meets the needs of the Global Fund’s strategic priorities.
  • With the Chair of the Board, engage and coordinate the efforts of various board committees and task forces.
  • Facilitate and ensure Board engagement in fundraising, communications, and programs.
  • Masters in Education
  • Demonstrate 7+ years of working experience
  • Experience in Curriculum Development
  • Experience in raising funds
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Good working knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite is required.
Applicants who meet the requirements stated above should send their applications and detailed CVs with a day – time telephone number to the email address:  with Principal on the Subject line.

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