Head Chef Job in Kenya

Vacancy: Head Chef

Salary: 50K

The candidate is routinely expected to oversee the following aspects of operations:

  • Designing / generating menus
  • Food costing
  • Ensure kitchen is clean
  • Ensure Kitchen Hygiene and HACCP PROCESS ( Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points Procedures ) are followed to avoid contamination, cross- contamination and food poisoning
  • Ensure general health standards compliance in the kitchen
  • Liaison with General Manager and Directors on food quality standards
  • Setting and maintaining food quality standards
  • Ensure proper storage of food items
  • Controlling wastage in the kitchen
  • Overall supervision of food production processes
  • Delegating and assigning duties in the kitchen
  • Liaison with the stores/ purchasing department for cost effective, prompt, adequate and quality kitchen supplies
  • Receiving kitchen supplies for right quality and quantity checks
  • Ensure proper usage and care of kitchen equipment
  • To balance energy consumption versus production/ output
  • Training of staff in the department for mastery and consistency
  • Solve problems in the department and daily staff briefing per shift
  • Periodically interact with the clients in the restaurant for direct kitchen feedback.
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