I-TECH Kenya Final Project Evaluation Consultancy Opportunity

Terms of Reference
I-TECH Kenya Final Project Evaluation

Purpose: This RFQQ, Request for Quotes and Qualifications, is issued by the International Training and Education Training Kenya (I-TECH) to identify a consultant / organization to carry out the final project evaluation scope of work.

Any agreement executed as the result of this solicitation shall be for services required by I-TECH Kenya on an as-needed basis only. Being selected to be in the pool is not a guarantee of work.


Background: Since 2005, I-TECH has collaborated with Kenya’s Ministry of Health to strengthen health information systems (HIS) at facility and county levels. 
I-TECH has supported MOH to develop and disseminate national standards for electronic medical information systems (EMRs), laboratory information systems (LISs), and pharmacy information systems (PIS). 
I-TECH has supported software development and deployment of the Kenya EMR system, in more than 300 health facilities in 21 counties in Kenya. 
ITECH has also supported software development and deployment of the Basic LIS (BLIS) system in 20 clinical laboratories in Kenya.
In conjunction with these efforts, I-TECH has provided extensive support for capacity building of health care personnel in use and maintenance of these information systems.

I-TECH’s current cycle of funding for this work will be completed at the end of September 2016.

We seek to carry out an evaluation of the efforts to date which captures the perspectives of key stakeholders. 
The goal of the evaluation is to summarize best practices and lessons learned from the project as regards I-TECH’s programs:-
  1. Standards and guidelines
  2. EMR software development
  3. EMR implementation
  4. LIS software development
  5. LIS implementation
  6. Capacity building for HIS, National Unique Patient Identifier (NUPI), Interoperability and Gender-Based Violence Database
Detailed scopes of work and terms of reference are available on the link below:

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