Imarika Sacco ICT Consultancy Services for Process Analysis, System Requirements and Evaluation

Imarika Sacco

Expression of Interest

Provision of ICT Consultancy Services for Process Analysis, System Requirements and Evaluation

1.0) Imarika Sacco wishes to acquire and implement a new Management Information System. 
It is now looking for an ICT consultancy firm to provide technical consultancy services in undertaking the same.


2.0) The SACCO is now inviting Expression of Interests (EOI) from suitably qualified consultants with appropriate experience and expertise in the evaluation of existing processes and systems in liaison with users to develop comprehensive and sustainable system requirements for use in sourcing for a new MIS. The scope of the consultancy work shall include:-
2.1) To review the existing information system requirements in liaison with Imarika’s joint system implementation team so as to clearly define information system requirements that will be aligned to the SACCOs vision, mission, values and strategic objectives taking advantage of current and foreseeable technological changes.
2.2) To advise and recommend on the appropriate personnel and ICT hardware and software infrastructure that will support the intended information system requirements
2.3) To develop the identified information system requirements into an information system requirements documents (incorporating functional and non-functional requirements)
2.4) To prepare all technical documents required for use in the procurement process of a new MIS.
2.5) To undertake on behalf of Imarika, the preliminary, and technical evaluation of all the interested system vendors in compliance with the procurement laws and present their recommendations against the evaluation criteria set out in (2.3) above in form of a detailed information system evaluation report
2.6) To provide technical ICT consultancy services during and up-to the sign off of the new system
3.0) Interested consultants should provide information/documents proving qualification to undertake the consultancy service of process analysis, system requirements and evaluation. The information shall include;
3.1) Company profile, Certificate of incorporation/registration. Tax Compliance & PIN
3.2) Evidence of capability to successfully undertake the work by providing description of relevant experience in at least four (4) similar or related reference client sites done within the last five (5) years, nature of project and C.Vs of key personnel to be involved in the consultancy work. Emphasis should be put on proving competence in SACCO industry operations.
3.3) EOl’s will be assessed against the Consultant’s capability of meeting the above outlined objectives and the required documents.
3.4) All expenses required for preparation and submission of the responses to this EOI including providing any additional information shall be entirely incurred and borne by the respondent.
The SACCO reserves the right to
(a) accept or reject any/all EOIs submitted by interested consultants
(b) cancel the process at any time without any liability and assigning any reason thereof
(c) Interpret that vendors’ willingness to participate in this process confirms agreement with clauses 3.4 (a) and (b).
4.0) Interested parties may request for clarification on this EOI up to seven (7) days before the submission date. Any request for clarification must be sent in writing by mail, facsimile or electronic mail to:

The Chief Executive Officer
Imarika SACCO Society,
Kitecoh Building, Along Kwa Charo Wa Mae Rd,
P.O Box 712-80108, Kilifi, Kenya

4.1) Submissions of EOI documents must be received in a sealed Envelope and delivered or registered to the above address not later than 10:00 am by 27th May 2016 and Clearly marked with “EXPRESSION OF INTEREST: PROVISION OF ICT CONSULTANCY SERVICES FOR PROCESS ANALYSIS, SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS AND EVALUATION”

4.2) The EOI applications will be opened shortly thereafter in the presence of bidders’ and /or representatives who choose to attend at the IMARIKA Tender Opening Hall
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