Analytics Trainers Jobs in Nairobi Kenya

A Consortium of data and technology companies led by the Elyon Global Mentorship Academy works with mentors from top universities across the world to build the capacity and skills of mentees so that they are well prepared for the market either as employees or entrepreneurs.

Analytics Trainers

The Elyon Global Mentorship Academy is recruiting Adjunct Trainers for the following statistical packages / areas:
  1. STATA
  2. R
  3. Integrated Excel
  4. SAS
  5. SPSS
  6. Financial modeling
Key Responsibilities:
  • Prepare training materials for advanced data analysts.
  • Moderate a hands on training for advanced data analysts.
Requirements and Skills:
  • Over 5 years’ experience analyzing complex data using STATA, R, SPSS, SAS or Excel on a day to day basis.
  • Advanced hands on experience using STATA, R, SPSS, SAS or Excel
  • Bachelor’s Degree and above
How to Apply:
Send the following documents to and copy
  • Cover letter specifying your competencies (STATA; R; Excel; SAS; SPSS; Financial modeling) as well as your availability
  • CV with 2 referees
Remuneration: 3,500 Kenya shillings per hour
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